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At Droplr we believe that communication can be easy. Whether collaborate remotely or share the same office, you should be able to be as effective as you want to be. Technology should be your friend - not foe, in this game. That’s why we’ve created Droplr.

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Our Philosophy

We all love communicating, and want to be productive and professional. We also enjoy freedom of not being tied to our desks, the benefit of being able to travel and work. We want to use the opportunity to experience different cultures by working in distributed teams. It’s life-enhancing. And, we think you should be able to experience it, too.

Simplicity is key. We strongly believe that anyone is able to communicate effectively over a distance, once they have the right tools - the tools that work quietly in the background, and become integral part of the workflow.

At Droplr, we’ve made a point of helping you share even the more elaborate ideas regardless of the distance or the time zone, so that you can succeed at what your set out to do, be productive, and shape your reality effectively.

Our Philosophy

Our Service

Droplr is a productivity tool and a collaboration platform that integrates with the most popular tools used around the world, like: Slack, iMessages, Atlassian Jira and Confluence, Trello, and many more.

Its primary goal is to help you share information over a distance, tapping into the potential of the visual elements. The tool is designed to be intuitive and simple. There’s no need to download, search for the items, and upload them to the end destination. Everything happens in clicks, time-effectively.

Being cloud-based, Droplr makes it possible to share even large files, and have them easily accessible - anytime and anywhere. It operates in Windows and MacOs, Android, and iOS, so that you can switch freely through the devices, always having the access to your work.

Meet the Team

We’re a group of diverse professionals, having one thing in common: the commitment to building a great service the people would love.

Working in distributed teams on two continents, we live and breathe remote cooperation. We know what it takes to collaborate effectively over a distance and we want to use this experience to empower you to communicate and collaborate successfully, too.

  • Gray Skinner

    Gray SkinnerCEO

  • Levi Nunnink

    Levi NunninkCTO & Founder

  • Radek Paklikowski

    Radek PaklikowskiVP Product

  • Nicole Pressprich

    Nicole PressprichCustomer Success

  • Chris Scotch

    Chris ScotchSales

  • Amber Narmore

    Amber NarmoreSales

  • Przemek Krolik

    Przemek KrolikEngineering

  • Antoni Orfin

    Antoni OrfinEngineering

  • Rafal Swietek

    Rafal SwietekEngineering

  • Kasper Ślusarczyk

    Kasper SlusarczykEngineering

  • Ben Wasserman

    Ben WassermanAnalytics

  • Andy Jobin

    Andy JobinSales

  • Filip Zaleski

    Filip ZaleskiOnline Marketing Specialist

  • Mateusz Dembek

    Mateusz DembekUI / Web Design

  • Mateusz Dembek

    Aliaksandr SavitskiEngineering

  • Mateusz Dembek

    Dominik ZiarnoUI / Web Design

  • Jan Owsiany

    Jan OwsianyEngineering

  • Hubert Kołodziejczyk

    Hubert KołodziejczykEngineering

  • Michal Paprocki

    Michal PaprockiEngineering

  • Corey Sanderford

    Corey SanderfordSales

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