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Basecamp is an online platform in which teams have a shared space to throw around ideas, establish checklists and collaborate on the same project, making it an ideal tool for teams both big and small. With Basecamp, all your conversations, to-do’s on any given project, and attachments are nicely organized in one place. We were able to get an inside look at Basecamp from one of our customers and were very impressed.

In fact, we were so impressed that we at Droplr began using Basecamp ourselves. The suite quickly became an essential tool for certain projects. Communicating back and forth on this platform was a breeze, but it was still missing something. So we analyzed the benefits to this product and its shortcomings, then settled on the Droplr fix that could enhance and, really, complete Basecamp.

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Our conversations on Basecamp were initially limited to basic textual interface. So we did what we do best, and we placed our Basecamp platform with Droplr. Immediately, the picture began to change. Imagine being able to simply post a screenshot or screencast describing your idea or solution in under 30 seconds, then watching as the recipient takes the same amount of time to understand your message. Often, reading takes too long. It can be daunting to read through everyone’s ideas, especially in a myriad of different voices, mediums, and languages, when those ideas can often be perfectly expressed through far simpler means.

Instead of explaining a concept in paragraph after paragraph, Droplr allows Basecamp users to simply make a quick screencast, explaining their thoughts auditorily. With Droplr, not only will the end user see more clearly what you are talking about, but they’ll be able to concentrate on what really needs to be said and not miss out on any important cues.

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Simple and clear! One of the best parts of using Droplr links within Basecamp is that it doesn’t require you to create a separate live document, upload a file, or create a new folder. Droplr links take up no more space than simple html text. This means you could have thousands of attachments without reaching Basecamp’s 15GB storage limit.

The Basecamp message board has to be one of our favorite features. It’s a place where everyone working on a project can read what their colleagues have been working on. If everyone were to spell out everything they did via separate text relay, it may take an administrator the entire morning just to go through these simple communications. We believe that your time is much better spent elsewhere. Instead, simply use Droplr links to show screenshots of your respective piece of the project.

basecamp platform with droplr short links

If you’re ready to get started, just plop a link into any conversation, thread, or to-do list, and Droplr will automatically hyperlink it for your team. How easy is that?


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Client Advocate, and Cyclist

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