Enhance your team’s to-do list with Droplr & Asana

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Staying organized in the workplace can be difficult, especially if you have 20 things on your plate daily. Asana is a great tool to keep all your projects and to-do lists in one place. Asana also lets you assign tasks to multiple users, making getting things done a collaborative process.

Even the best of us fall behind sometimes, and using Droplr alongside Asana can help you get your plate clean that much faster and easier.

Droplr is a cloud-based solution that allows you to take screenshots, create screencasts, and store and share these or any other types of files with a quick click or two. Droplr’s eight-character links can be opened with any internet browser, where recipients can then preview and download the material. Since your files are stored on the Droplr Cloud and can be modified via the Droplr Dashboard, you always have complete control, ensuring that data is only available when it should be. It’s secure, fast, and simple.

How do these capabilities tie in with Asana?


By explaining with a screenshot or screencast versus writing out every detail in words, you save time and avoid confusion. When you’re working on a project with another co-worker, Droplr makes objectives clear.

asana dashboard with links in specific tasks

Organize all your content in one place.

Projects often involve many different file formats, versions, and sources. For example, you might have a Google document, a Google spreadsheet, a PDF file, a few screenshots, and some photos that you want to keep together. Sounds easy until you start hunting for each piece of the puzzle. Which co-worker has them? Are they the most recent versions? How are you going to send a large group of files to the rest of the team? Keeping a list of Droplr links in Asana means that you’ll always have a handy, up-to-date reference of relevant materials.

asana dashboard with documents organized with short links

Together, Droplr and Asana offer the perfect solution for streamlining your workday.

To get started with Asana just head to www.asana.com and use the Free version to get started!

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