Droplr for Mac 4.2 for Yosemite

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We’re thrilled to announce Droplr for Mac 4.2, featuring support for Yosemite’s dark mode, a sharing extension, full HD screencasts with audio, GIF screencasts, instant links, and all-new reaction GIFs. The new features make collaborating and sharing with your team faster, easier, and more fun.


Updated Interface

We’ve updated Droplr’s menu bar icon to more closely match the new aesthetic in Yosemite, including a white version which looks great with Yosemite’s option for a dark menu bar and dock.

Yosemite dark menu bar

We’ve also updated the main menu to provide quicker access to the most commonly used sharing actions.

Yosemite Interface Dark

Yosemite extension

Droplr now includes a system-wide sharing extension to make sharing from any app quick and easy. Just select Droplr from the share menu within any other Mac app.

Yosemite extension

Improved screencasts

Droplr has made recording and sharing a video of your screen just as easy as sharing a screenshot. Now with Droplr 4.2 you can upload your recording as an animated GIF. Additionally, you can also now include audio from your Mac’s built-in mic to create multimedia screencasts.

Yosemite screencast

Instant links

Sharing files with Droplr is now truly instant. Droplr 4.2 will now copy the share link to your clipboard right away — no more waiting for the file to upload. Any recipient of the link will see real-time progress of the upload if they visit the page before it’s finished.

Yosemite instant links

Copy direct link

Droplr now includes the option to copy the “Direct Link” to your shared content instead of the standard share link. This is really helpful when you need to embed a drop in a forum, blog, or other webpage.

Yosemite direct link

Oh, and one more thing…

Reaction GIFs

Sometimes the easiest way to get your point across is with a screenshot, sometimes it’s with a screen recording, and sometimes it’s with an animated GIF. With Droplr 4.2, you can record and share your own personal reaction GIF using your Mac’s built-in camera.

Yosemite reaction interface Reaction on 2014-10-22 at 14-06-25

As app makers, we’re prone to hyperbole, but we think this really is the biggest an best update to Droplr for Mac ever.

You can download Droplr for Mac 4.2 now as a stand-alone app. We will also be publishing this version to the Mac App Store in the following weeks.

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