Droplr Enables File Sharing on Android

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Unfortunately Droplr for Android is not available right now 🙁

Attention Android users! We have released an app in the Google Play store, so that you can start file sharing on Android now! We can’t wait for you to try it out. 

Start Sharing Files on your Android

The Android app rounds out the Droplr experience so you can quickly upload images, songs, videos, docs, and more on the go. You can also use the Android share extension to efficiently upload to Droplr from any app. These drops are immediately accessible on your Mac or PC!

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How to start sharing on Android

All of these drops are copied to your clipboard, so merely paste the short link into an email, your favorite social media app, or anywhere else to share it.

Some other exciting features to check out in this first version include searching for drops by title, uploading images from your phone’s gallery or a third party app, full screen and list views, and sharing via other popular apps.

Get the app here, so you can share from anywhere!

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