Intercom + Droplr for Customer Service

Communicating with a customer is an art, and for an artist, a picture is worth a thousand words. Intercom brings marketing, feedback, and support software together in a platform that turns the complicated customer service tangle of yesteryear into a streamlined process. Droplr takes that process one step further by incorporating easy-to-create, effective visuals in customer conversations.

We’ll just put it this way:


Why show and not tell?

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than written words. Barraging customers with confusing tomes of text wastes their time and yours. With Droplr, take a screenshot and drop in a quick arrow to show a customer where to click, or create a screencast to show the customer step-by-step what to do, narrating with your own personalized comments and instructions.


Providing a personal experience.

Droplr allows you to incorporate images from an individual customer’s account, so while you may be resolving an issue you’ve addressed many times before, your customer doesn’t feel like you’re reading from a script; with a few quick clicks, you’re saying, “I’m looking at your account and solving your problem.”


Endless Possibilities.

The brush can’t paint by itself. Droplr is simply a tool. But as a tool, Droplr is a veritable Swiss army knife of possibilities, and the employee who wields it has the freedom and the creative power to design the perfect visual solution for a problem, bringing individual expression, knowledge, and experience to the forefront of customer engagement.

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