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I’ve forgotten my password

To reset your password you can use this link: https://auth.droplr.com/start/reset-password. Enter the email associated with your account, and you’ll be able to set your new password.

I’m a Twitter user and I can’t log in to the desktop app

We recently made some improvements to the login process. As part of these changes, we removed the twitter log-in feature. You can still log in with the email and password associated with your twitter account. If you’re not sure what your password is, see I’ve forgotten my password.

My drops aren’t showing up

If your drops look like this, they’ve most likely expired.

page not found

The first thing to do is check is your settings page in the web app. Make sure that you’ve selected the “Keep Forever” option. For those on the free plan, feel free to contact us! Once you go Pro, we can retrieve all your old drops for you.

Droplr settings page

My screencasts don’t have audio

To use screencast with audio in the Mac app, go into “Preferences:”

Droplr preferences

Then ensure that you have the audio option selected:

select audio

Is there a way for me to see who has viewed or downloaded my drop?

Yes there is! Select the drop you want to view the information for and click the gear icon in the upper left corner. Then select the “View Stats” option:

view stats option

Now you can know how and when people saw your file.

I’ve gotten a notification that my card expired but I don’t know how to update my billing information

If you’ve payed with your card, you can update your billing information through our page at https://d.pr/billing:

update payment details

I want to join my team’s account, but I already have my own

We’re thrilled that your team is joining us! Contact us at support@droplr.com and we’ll add you to your team.

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