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Private Drops

By default, all your drops are linked with a short, easy-to-remember link. This can be handy when posting your drops on services that have character limits. However, because the links are so short, it’s possible for someone to guess them and stumble across one of your drops.

With a Pro subscription, Droplr gives you the option of using longer, harder-to-guess, more private URLs. By adding an additional section to the link, it makes the full link nearly impossible to ever guess. You can also use the additional section as a password for an added layer of protection.

Make Drops Private

1. To make a drop private, click the Droplr icon in your menu bar (Mac), click Options, then click Change Privacy.
2. Click the check box to make your drop private. Droplr will automatically generate a longer link and strong password.

You can also toggle this option from the Droplr dashboard.

About Passwords

When you make a drop private, Droplr will generate a random password as part of the link. You can always send the full link to give someone access to the drop, but if you prefer to send the password via an alternate method for added security, simply only send the recipient the short URL. The first part of the URL contains your link, the second part the password:


If you share the first part of the Droplr URL without the password, users will be prompted to enter the password before they can access they drop.

If you prefer to use your own password instead of the randomly generated one Droplr provides for you, you can customize it to your liking when you toggle the privacy option.

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