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Adapt Droplr to Your Workflow With Hot Keys

I bet you’re a computer whiz, right?

You can probably surf the web on 26 simultaneous tabs while eating a sandwich and plucking your eyebrows.

But how well do you know your keyboard shortcuts? We all know that the mark of a true whiz is never having to actually touch a mouse.

Droplr has a few that will make your life super easy — and convince all your friends and coworkers that you are indeed a l33t haxor.

All you need to do is download and install the Droplr app for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then you’ll have some of the hot key features of Droplr at your fingertips anytime — literally.

Here’s how they work:

Save a screenshot

Want to grab your screen, upload it to the cloud, and copy a link directly to that image, all in one fell swoop? Meet Option + Shift + 4. (Or Alt + Shift + 4).

As advertised, this will grab a shot of your whole screen, upload it, and return a Drop link. Three keys that work like magic.

Screen cap + annotate

Need to add a bit more info to your screenshot? No worries.

Hit Option + Shift + Ctrl + 4 (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + 4), and Droplr will grab a screenshot and open the annotation dialog so you can add notes, draw arrows, or just scribble on the image before you beam it up to the cloud and get a Drop link in seconds.

Compose a note

Why don’t you try out Option + Shift + N (Alt + Shift + N)?

With this one, you can compose a note where you can capture all your deep thoughts and brilliant ideas or quickly paste a block of code that you need to share with your co-founder. Either way, these notes are super useful and incredibly easy to use.

Or do it your way

If the key combos we picked are cramping your style (or interfering with your other super-complex keyboard shortcut configurations), that’s okay. We don’t mind if you change them.

Just right-click on the Droplr icon (system/task tray) and click on “Settings” (gear icon).

This will open up the Droplr settings, where you can record your very own hot key shortcuts. And now you’re just a few keystrokes away from world domination.

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