Tearing Down Barriers

Droplr Tears Down Barriers to Accessibility

Consider this…

A WordPress admin is finishing up a blog post and wants to send it to other team members for review. She previews the post, copies the URL, and shares it. But all that hard work she’s so excited to show off has hit a roadblock: the dreaded Page Not Found.

page 404 not found

Sharing information that is only viewable by authorized users can become a headache, and you wouldn’t want to publish a post before it’s truly ready. Enter Droplr, a panacea for anyone who wants to take an easy detour from the Page Not Found roadblock and just keep trucking.

How information flow works in Droplr

If you use Chrome as your browser, simply plot your course this way: With one quick click, use Droplr’s Chrome extension to capture the entire page you want to share.
information flow in Droplr - menu with entire page drop tool

Now you have a complete rolling screenshot of the blog post you’re working on, which can be shared without publishing, adding users, or changing settings.

Nothing but smooth sailing ahead!

Nicole Pressprich

Client Advocate, and Cyclist

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