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Droplr for Business

Use a single tool to improve communication, promote team collaboration, and boost productivity.

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Communication is key 
to effective teams

Droplr works best when used by a whole team. Make the most of it: Facilitate the flow of information so that everyone stays in the know, naturally.

Business features

Scale to support your business

Take advantage of a single, centralized account and support as many users as you need in a hassle-free way.

  • Benefit from consistent pricing as you scale

  • Receive dedicated account support

  • Centralize your inhouse communication

Create shared collections for better collaboration

Empower your team to integrate their collections. Create instant recalls for your needs and keep everyone in the know.

  • Centralize help desk items

  • Enable easy access to information in shared collections

  • Improve the flow of information across the board

Make use of a Single Sign-on

Integrate multiple software platforms with your Droplr account and benefit from streamlined access authorization.

  • Access your Droplr accounts from other applications

  • Authenticate from multiple applications

  • Have Droplr help integrate your product

Take advantage of centralized billing

Simplify your billing set-up for your entire team and have our account specialists create a single bill for the entire team.

  • Streamline accounting

  • Have a clear overview of staff using Droplr

  • Stay on top of your expenditures

Leverage Droplr in your business and upgrade your online conversations.

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