Sharing Ideas Faster

“When I’m working I just need to get something communicated or transferred or approved very quickly and Droplr fills that need for me.” Aaron Weyenberg, TED

Aaron Weyenberg, UX Developer @TED
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Teams Succeed with Droplr

Campaign Monitor
Customer Support Teams

Campaign Monitor has hundreds of support requests everyday. Cutting down on communication drag is key - and Droplr has integrated directly with the company to make a seamless experience.

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Cloud Data Solutions

Intercom is responsible for engaging customers - but their customers have dozens, if not hundreds of platforms. Intercom solves this by centralizing their information on the cloud into a single link.

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Content & Publishing Teams

"Sharing ideas” is a core purpose of TED, and their team uses it to make their ideas come to fruition, faster. They found time was best spent creating, not explaining.

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How Our Customers Have Used Droplr

  • Mood board
    Creating Mood Boards

    Designers and marketers alike have to absorb massive amounts of visual and written data.

  • design proofs
    Proof Creative Faster

    Designers and marketers alike have to absorb massive amounts of visual and written data.

  • development bugs
    Hunting Development Bugs

    Development teams are about accuracy, collaboration, and finding innovative ways to solve automation problems. Droplr eases this by allowing instant communication source code and examples of content in a short dash.

  • quality assurance testing
    QA Testing

    Describe UI/UX bugs across different platforms by capturing visual data seamlessly in one cloud database, and share with your team to avoid lengthy and confusing troubleshooting emails.

  • onboarding clients
    On-boarding Clients

    Sometimes your work needs a voice - Droplr has you covered. Seemlessly communicate your project with a single keystroke. Track to see if your client has opened your drops and ensure that you present it exactly how you need it.

  • content
    Curate Content

    Curating content can be collaborative - or singular. Either way it takes time to find content and centralize it in one location. Droplr saves time and effort with single.

Droplr Saves Time In Many Ways

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