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Slack Safely

Slack is the best place to collaborate and the most dangerous place to share your customer data. We’re here to make Slack safe again.

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Storage support:
  • Box
  • Drop Box
  • Google Drive
  • Droplr
  • Image Redaction

    Screenshots break all your security rules. Image redaction covers up the parts of images that you need to keep private.

  • PII Detection

    Do you know how much PII is being stored in your Slack files? Now you do with our integration.

  • Audit Logs

    How many people viewed that screenshot? Did anyone download it? Our audit logs will give you just that information.

  • Risk analysis

    We calculate a risk score for all the files shared in Slack so you can quickly identify your weakest points.

  • Data Retention rules

    Some files should not last forever. We let you set custom retention rules for your data in Slack. So your customer data stays safe.

  • Alerts & Reports

    Respond instantly to high-priority leaks by setting custom alerts for any dangerous data that you want.