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Adapt Droplr to Your Workflow With Hot Keys

I bet you’re a computer whiz, right? You can probably surf the web on 26 simultaneous tabs while eating a sandwich and plucking your eyebrows. But how well do you know your keyboard shortcuts? We all know that the mark of a true whiz is never having to actually touch a mouse. Droplr has a… View Article

Send Top-Secret Documents

Do you ever send top-secret documents about your impending plans for world domination? No, neither do we. But sometimes we need to send some sensitive information — like financial documents or strategy specifics or other boring stuff (not about taking over the world) — that we wouldn’t want to get out there for the general… View Article

Send Huge Files in a Snap

One common inconvenience in the modern workplace is trying to send huge files to someone who needs to access it. Think of videos or PSD files that can be 500MB, 1GB, or even bigger. You obviously can’t attach them to email. Plus, they gobble up huge amounts of your storage space on apps like Slack…. View Article

Share Code in Seconds

Code makes the world go ‘round. (Well, it doesn’t literally make Earth rotate. That’s caused by the remaining force generated during the formation of our solar system. But you get the idea.) If you work in technology, which you probably do (or use it, which you definitely do), then code is a huge part of… View Article

See Who’s Opened Your Sent Drops

We live in a world of asynchronous communication. This means that when you send me something by email or Twitter, I probably received it, but you don’t immediately know that I’ve looked at it or read it. In fact, maybe I didn’t — maybe I won’t until days later. This delay can be a bit… View Article

Give a Presentation (Without the Technical Hitches)

If you’re one of those who likes to speak (or rather, other people like to hear you speak), then you’ve probably dealt with “presentation hell.” Presentation hell is when you’re scheduled to give a big presentation—either to your team, your boss, or a giant conference of 10,000 of your esteemed colleagues—and technology is just not… View Article

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