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Every Day Screenshots

Fast slideshows that instantly copy to clipboard to be shared.

Tim Bowen

Founder + Creative Director at Creative Slice

One of the best productivity apps I have ever used

This application/service has helped streamline my work to a level I did not expect. I have gotten several colleagues to sign up and it has been worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone needing to share digital assets with coworkers or clients. The simplicity and support is hands down one of the best experiences I have had with a collaboration service. Droplr has focused on the essentials and improved it's experience in steady incremental steps which I appreciate as a user. The website, mobile application, and desktop application work in a seamless way, so I am never far away from either reviewing what I have sent a client, or sharing something new with them.

John Smith III

Owner/Software Engineer/Designer at BinaryNoir

Works great!

It just works. The best compliment I can give is that it's transparently a part of my workflow.

Justin Bregar

All-Purpose Web Designer & Developer

The name means everything when it comes to sharing

The ease of dropping files, taking screenshots and sharing with the crowd. This has been the quickest and efficient tool to share the files on-the-go.

Shabaz Mohammad

CEO at Appscinated

Holman Review

Its really easy to use, and there is no limit on the amount of files or shares you can create.

Patric D Holman

Enterprise Technology Sales

Such great integration

I've been using it for many years and find the mac finder integration brilliant.

Stewart Clarke

Stewart Clarke Photography

Use it every day to empower my design workflow

Droplr is crazy easy to use and integrates so well into my product design workflow.

Ray Sensenbach

UI/UX Designer

A great service. Easily to use

The integration with macOS. Is easy to share anything, rare i have trouble. Super stable. The new web interface is clean.

Domingos Teruel

Technical Team Lead na Cellmídia

The best file sharing utility on my Mac

I use a lot of file sharing tools, but Droplr is my favorite. With the screenshot annotation features, analytics for views (and when sharing links on Twitter), movie capture, even Markdown notes published as HTML pages, it's the complete package. Easily accessible from anywhere on my Mac, and I've been using it for years without a single issue.

Brett Terpstra

Independent Coder, Web Developer, and Writer

Best screenshot app around

Droplr makes my life incredibly easy to take screenshots, edit screenshots, and make quick gifs of something on my device. I can add a custom domain and logo so the landing pages of the screenshots are tailored to my brand and unique, which is a huge plus!

Zach Reed

Droplr User

Awesome utility for file share

The best feature on top of Droplr is the screen capture/grab. So many times I just want to show someone what I see and Droplr allows me to do that. Adding annotation to the grab saves a lot of explaining.

Marty Widmann

Pre-sales, Technical Sales Enablement

Excellent image, code, and video sharing service

Droplr is a great way to easily share images, code, videos, and other files across multiple users within an organization independent of the application for which they are intended. For example, organizations like ours go through ticket tracking systems periodically and it is great to standardize on a file sharing service like Droplr that resides outside of which ticketing system we are using.

David Blankinship

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Bertram Labs and Morpheus Data

Cheap and reliable

Droplr is one of the best file sharing services on the market and had a huge improvement in the last few years, when switched to paid memberships only.

Anatoli Nicolae

Designer, Developer

Reliable, easy to use

I use Droplr daily. The primary use case is quickly tossing screen captures or animated GIF recordings into Slack. Frankly I find it annoying that more colleagues don't use Droplr or something similar to improve Slack communications.

Dav Yaginuma

VP Engineering at Shyp

Great product - lots of features

The markup tool and screen capture are power. Very easy to quickly capture an experience, document it, and share it via a link in whatever communication system you use.

Eric Beltran

Senior Product Manager at Contactually

Great for sharing screenshots!

Its very easy to share screenshots with friends and colleagues rather it be an error on a site or just something I want to grab and send real quick.

Shelby DeNike

Senior WordPress Support Engineer at Pressed.net

Excellent productivity tool

Droplr has and has always had an easy to use shortcut feature to upload screengrabs in a single action. Hit the shortcut key combo and the cursor immediately turns into a crosshair after you select the area it automatically uploads AND copies the URL to the clipboard. Other companies just can't get that right and I love that Droplr has and always has it like this.

Aubrey J.

Designer, Prototype Developer (iOS)

Overwhelmingly Helpful

I'm a designer and because of that I use it a thousand times a day. I love that I can just post links and it appears in Slack, that feature alone has saved me so much time. I love that the link copies immediately and that it's not also cluttering up my desktop with files (like Cloud does). I love it a lot.

Matthew Scribner

Brand Designer

Droplr is essential to my everyday work flow

Being able to quickly share files, screenshots and links to my colleagues is huge for me.

Shawn Calloway

Droplr User

I bought a copy for my whole development team

The annotation support combined with the fast uploading for a qualified shareable URL is extremely good. I probably take 20-30 screenshots a day for sending to remote workers. The tools on the annotation are exactly what I need as well, simple and straight forward tools, I don't need or wants stars, emojis, etc. The mac application runs in the system bar instead of cluttering up my dock. This is a huge plus for me.

Joseph Gorecki

Droplr User

One of my favorite products

I love their Mac app and their iOS app and how they work flawlessly together. For instance - 1) With a few key clicks I can easily take a screenshot add an arrow to it and paste it into a ticket or slack chat, 2) I can easily take a screenshot on my phone, upload it to droplr and have the link automatically pasted into my desktop clipboard. Saves me tons of time, 3) Links never expire so we can use them in our ticketing systems. We work in a remote team so the ability to easily explain something to someone visually is HUGE and droplr is my '#1' tool for that.

Megan Berry

Head of Product at Octane AI

Droplr has always provided the most simple way for me to share files, links, and notes with clients

I like the ability to quickly grab a screenshot and have it immediately ready to share. The ability to record a video or gif of part of my screen is something that I don't think that any photographer or designer can live without, once they have tried it.

Mike Ackerman

IT Help Desk Technician at Regent University

An Amazing Application

Droplr is integrated into those applications that I already use on a regular basis. The server is fast and permits me to share with others securely. The password feature is extremely important to me.

Charles Puglisi

Principal at Webs-by-Design

An essential tool in my workflow

It's a fantastic, easy and incredibly fast way to share designs, screencasts and screenshots with colleagues.

Pierre Wooldridge

UI, UX & Product Designer - All Make Believe, LLC

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