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Capture, store, and share digital content securely throughout the cloud.

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Droplr Enterprise
Robust security features for professional teams

Secure your information

Ensure information security

Stay on the safe side and make sure all the data you share is safe. Droplr offers:

  • SSL/TLS encrypted data transfer

  • 2-factor authentication

  • SSO/SAML 2.0

  • GDPR compliance

  • Anti-virus protection

Enhance your communication

Better teamwork and collaboration

Add clarity to your team’s conversations and help them communicate effectively.

  • Capture and annotate screenshots for more clarity

  • Explain more complex issues by recording your screen

  • Securely share files through your communication channels

  • Whitelabel the files to build trust

  • Store files in safe, shareable boards in your Droplr dashboard

Control and enforce sharing policies

Create and follow your file sharing policy

Stay on top of the way information flows across the board to avoid data breaches. Droplr features let you:

  • Monitor file sharing in your company

  • Decide on the access rights

  • Password protect files

  • Set self-destruct on files

  • Control user content as an administrator

How top teams succeed
with Droplr Enterprise

Cloud Data Solutions

Intercom is responsible for engaging customers - but their customers have dozens, if not hundreds of platforms. Intercom solves this by centralizing their information on the cloud into a single link.

Customer Support Teams

Campaign Monitor has hundreds of support requests everyday. Cutting down on communication drag is key - and Droplr has integrated directly with the company to make a seamless experience.

Content & Publishing Teams

"Sharing ideas” is a core purpose of TED, and their team uses it to make their ideas come to fruition, faster. They found time was best spent creating, not explaining.

Droplr is the simplest, most reliable, universal way to share a file with anyone anywhere. I can't imagine a quicker way to exchange a screenshot than Droplr.

Des Traynor Co-Founder at Intercom

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Supercharge your collaboration
with Droplr Enterprise

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