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Why We Used Droplr to Enhance 10,000 Slack Conversations

  We use Slack and Droplr a lot here at GenieBelt.com (project management software for the construction industry). Of the 527,000 messages posted on Slack for internal GenieBelt communication, over 10,000 of them have been Droplr links, accounting for a large portion of all the messages we send to each other. The reasons for this are… View Article

Simplify your workflow with Droplr

Overwhelmed at times with tools and apps? Having more to work with doesn’t always mean you get more work done. But before you set about emptying the clutter from your digital toolbox, consider a solution that lets you keep your app-for-everything lifestyle without the clunkiness: a tool that helps those whosits and whatsits and thingamabobs… View Article