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  • IT director
    Jared Jones IT Director

A happy marriage of browser and desktop. Droplr is how you capture, it’s how you communicate, it’s how you collect. And it’s simple.

Droplr menu with screen capture tools
An organized collection of screenshots


Snag images or videos of your screen and have them share-ready in a few quick clicks and seconds.

  • Snag an image anywhere on your device
  • or record activity as a gif or video
  • pop a link in chat or email
  • all in a couple of clicks
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Markup Screenshots

Snag images or videos of your screen and have them share-ready in a few quick clicks and seconds.

  • Share only what you want to show
  • add notes
  • preview images for what you share
  • control when it disappears
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Get Organized

Tag Drops with keywords for simple organization. No messy folder or headaches here. Clean up your desktop with Droplr.

  • Auto-classify everything shared
  • build your team's library of content
  • access collections in one click
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Droplr is the simplest, most reliable, universal way to share a file with anyone anywhere

Des Traynor, Co-Founder + VP of Customer Success @Intercom
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