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Quickly capture and send screenshots, video & files with a simple link.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture, annotate and share a screenshot - all without cluttering up your desktop.

Screen video

Record as an animated GIF or movie with audio. Perfect for customer support or showing your interactive prototypes.


Drag & drop any file on Droplr's icon to get a simple link to share. The easiest way to send just about anything.


Works with all your favorite apps - design tools like Adobe CC & Sketch, chat tools like Slack, Skype, & HipChat, and many more.


"Droplr is such an integrated part of my process. I share photos, screenshots, everything. I couldn't imagine working without it."

Kyle Steed - Illustrator & Photographer


"I can drag anything into the Droplr icon and it’s there. When you're trying to answer 20 support tickets, speed and flow are what it’s all about."

Davida Fernandez - Campaign Monitor


"Droplr helps me get fast feedback from my team on designs and photos. I use it in my work every single day."

Emily Pidgeon - TED


"Droplr is just so easy to use, it's like muscle memory. I can upload screenshots, images, whatever with just a few keystrokes."

David Lanham - Designer at Iconfactory


"I constantly share my work-in-progress with Droplr's 'upload from Photoshop' feature. I share and track links on social media and share more sensitive data with self-destruct."

Noah Stokes - BOLD


"Droplr helps me communicate most effectively with others which is especially crucial when working remotely. It's the easiest, most intuitive tool I use every day, all day."

Rina Miele - Designer