Upload images at warp speed!

Easily add pictures to your docs. All it takes is drag and drop!

Bring your documents to life with hassle free file embedding

Get a habit of uploading your documents to Droplr app. Once you store your docs there, it takes just a few clicks to embed any document you need in the Google Doc you’re working on.

Get a headstart with drag & drop

Make use of the drag & drop option and transfer easily the files to your docs. When uploading visual content, Droplr automatically generates preview, which reduces the number of clicks you’d normally need to make to upload an image. You couldn’t be more efficient!

Cut down on the number of tools

Instead of using separate tools for screen capturing, cropping and marking up the images, use Droplr. This way you skip saving the images and looking for them in your computer to upload to your document. Droplr makes the job a snap, literally.

See how the integration works: