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How to Screen Record in HD

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If you want your screen recordings to be clear and detailed, then you should use an HD screen recorder.  HD screen recorders let you create high-definition videos that are easier to understand and more enjoyable to watch. If you use screen recordings to assist customers, communicate with colleagues, or market your business, then you should get access to a high quality screen recorder.

In this article, we cover how to screen record in HD. Then, we list the 5 best HD screen recorders that you can access on your computer or mobile device. This list includes both Mac HD screen recorders and HD screen recorders for PC

Screen Recording in HD

It’s easy to screen record in HD with a recorder that lets you change your video’s resolution. Simply go into your screen recorder’s settings and find the “video quality” or “video resolution” setting. Change this setting to HD or 1080p. The location of this setting may depend on the screen recorder, so for more detailed instructions, go to your recorder’s website or contact the distributor. 

How to change your screen recording quality on Droplr

1080p is typically considered high-definition, so a 1080p screen recorder is the same as an HD screen recorder. 1080p refers to the number of pixels that are displayed vertically down the screen. Some recorders may instead label 1080p as “1920×1080” resolution; this refers to the number of pixels displayed both horizontally (1920) and vertically (1080). When an image has more pixels, then the image is higher-resolution (more detailed and clear).

Traditionally, 720p has also been considered a high-definition resolution; however, some platforms like YouTube recently labeled 720p as “SD”, or standard-definition, instead. This reflects an increase in what is considered a “standard” resolution as more recorders and platforms become able to play video at higher resolutions. In this case, high-definition is defined as “higher than standard definition”; as such, what pixel resolution qualifies as high-definition will change as the standard resolution changes. Though some screen recorders may still label 720p as “HD”, you should record in 1080p if you want to produce a higher quality video. 

Best HD Screen Recorders

The following HD recorders represent the best of the best of both paid and free HD screen recording. Regardless of your use case, one of the HD video recorders on this list is sure to have all of the features you need to produce high-quality recordings.

1. Droplr

droplr screen recorder

Droplr is the best HD screen recorder for teams and businesses. The software offers an HD screen recorder for Chrome, Mac, Windows, and iOS. If you want even higher quality videos, you can screen record in 4K on the Chrome extension. Droplr also includes the ability to record your webcam and record with audio.

What sets Droplr apart from other HD screen recorders is that it hosts everything on the cloud. Every video you capture is automatically uploaded to your Droplr dashboard. You can also upload screenshots, documents, and other files to your dashboard. From here, you can easily share any upload by copying and pasting a short link that redirects to its location on the cloud. This makes Droplr the ideal HD recorder for business as it lets you quickly send recordings and files to co-workers and customers on any platform.

2. Ezvid

ezvid video creator

Ezvid is among the best free HD screen recorders for Windows. In addition to HD recording, Ezvid includes audio and webcam recording. You can even draw on your screen during recording! You can combine your recordings with text slides to create slideshows and use the voice synthesis feature to add computer narration of text. Once you’re done with your video, you can download it to your computer or upload it directly to YouTube or Twitch. Ezvid is compatible with Windows XP3, 7, 9, and 10.

3. Bandicam

bandicam live stream and settings

Bandicam is an HD screen recorder and live streaming platform for PC. You can record or stream in SD, HD, and even 4K! Bandicam can record your system audio and your voice at the same time. It also features a webcam overlay that makes creating let’s-plays or instructional videos a cinch. While recording, you can also draw on your screen or add mouse effects.

Bandicam’s unique features include the ability to schedule recordings and record nonstop. The latter is useful for monitoring your device while you’re away. You can also use Bandicam to record multiple monitors at once. Bandicam recordings are saved to your device storage.

4. Movavi

movavi video editor and sharing options

For Mac users, you can access HD screen recording with Movavi. In addition to screen recording, Movavi can record audio and your webcam output. While recording, you can draw on your screen or show your keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can also schedule recordings ahead of time.

Movavi also offers video editing software that you can purchase with the HD recorder. This software includes trimming, video merge, animations, and video effects. If you want to make professional HD videos, then Movavi is a great choice.

5. OBS

obs video editor

OBS is the most robust, free HD screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The open-source software allows for screen recording and live streaming in SD and HD. It also includes video and audio mixing during and after recording. You can combine recordings with text and images and use custom transitions to switch between scenes. OBS’ panel gives you access to more video and configuration options than any other recorder on this list. Overall, OBS is the best choice for individuals who already have experience with video and audio recording. It is the free HD screen recorder that offers the most features; however, because of this, it may be confusing for beginners.

Record in HD with Droplr Today

If you want to record and send HD videos with ease, then consider creating a Droplr account. You can download the HD screen recorder now with a 3-day free trial. You can also contact a member of our team to set up a demo and learn about Droplr’s special features for teams and enterprises.

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