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Top 10 Slack Integrations You Need to Know About

slack integrations

What is Slack?

Slack is our go-to tool when it comes to workplace communication. Slack lets you communicate in channels and teams, helping you keep track of conversations. As such, using slack can help you stay organized, productive, and efficient. Additionally, implementing a variety of Slack integrations allows you to use multiple tools in one place. Slack integrations are meant to further connect teams and save time by streamlining all of your platforms.

slack connected to other apps

How to Connect Slack Integrations

Slack’s app directory has hundreds of applications and integrations to connect to your slack platform. The app directory lets you explore and find new tools to use and integrate into your workflow. After you’ve found an application that you want to use, simply press “Add to Slack” and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can log in to the third-party application to integrate it with Slack.

10 Slack Integrations You Need to Know About

1. Hubspot – Marketing, sales, and service software

turn important slack messages into a hubspot task or ticket


  • Actions – Use the Hubspot Slack integration to create tasks and tickets and add information like contacts, deals, and companies to them. 
  • Conversations – With the Hubspot Slack integration, users can get notifications of chat messages on websites, set conversation statuses, and respond to chat messages.
  • Notifications – Set up your Slack integration to receive notifications of reminders, mentions, form submissions, and more. You can also send notifications through workflows for all of the different hubs in Hubspot included the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub, and more.
  • Slash Commands – The Hubspot Slack integration includes a number of different slash commands. These include search contact, search company, search deals, and more.

2. Google Drive – File storage and collaboration tool

easily grant access to files that others want to view with google drive on app


  • File Access – Use the Google Drive Slack integration to share, view, edit, and leave comments on files.
  • Updates – Set up notifications in Slack to see when users add comments to documents, request access to files, or share files with you.
  • Import – Users can import files from Google Drive into Slack. When these files are shared, there’s a preview available in Slack.
  • Find Files – It’s easy to find files to share in Slack from Google Drive. All you need to do is press the “+” button and you can search files by name.

3. Droplr – Screenshots + Markup

send any type of files via slack with droplr


  • Previews – When sharing files using the Droplr Slack integration, Slack creates a preview of the file, allowing users to view the file without ever having to leave the application.
  • Clear Communication – With Droplr, all it takes is a single mouse click to capture a screenshot and paste it into your chat.
  • Instant Feedback – The Slack integration allows users to annotate screenshots in the browser or directly from Slack, which lets you communicate faster and clearer.
  • Send Different File Types – Droplr sends files in a short link, which makes it possible to send even large files. Users can use the Slack integration to share screenshots, screen recordings, PDF’s, and more.

4. Donut – Grab a remote donut or coffee

include teammates regularly and schedule meetings right in slack with donut


  • Scheduling – The Donut Slack integrations allows you to easily schedule meetings by combining their integration with the Google Calendar integration. 
  • Team Bonding – This Slack integration allows you to participate in fun group activities including lunch roulette, coffee lotteries, cross-department meetups, and more.
  • Peer Learning – The Donut integration encourages collaboration and through different programs including peer mentorship programs, code review pals, and other activities. 
  • Conversation Starters – This integration comes with conversation starters allowing you to “break the ice” and start getting to know your colleagues. 

5. Asana – Coordinate and manage work

get updates on projects and tasks in slack with asana


  • Task Actions – With the Asana Slack integration, users can interact with tasks directly from Slack. See task details, complete a task, change the assignee or due date, and more.
  • Link Projects – With the Asana integration, you can “link specific channels to projects”. When doing this, channels will receive all notifications and updates related to the linked project.
  • Create New Tasks – You can use a slash command directly in Slack to create a new task. Users can also turn a specific Slack message into a task or add it to an existing task.
  • Notifications – Receive notifications in Slack for updates to tasks you’re following in Asana.

6. Translate Channels – Global communication software

translate channels on slack


  • Specific Channel Languages – Assign specific languages to different channels in your workspace.
  • Multiple Language Channels – Use the Translate Channels Slack integration to assign multiple languages to one specific channel.
  • Displayed Translations – This integration allows Slack to display all translations in one message.
  • Writing –  The Translate Channels integration allows users to write in 100+ languages to interact with teams across the globe.

7. Simple Poll– Create a poll in Slack

native polls right in slack with simple poll


  • Native Polls – Use the Simple Poll Slack integration to create easy to use polls directly in Slack channels.
  • Anonymous Polls – The Simple Polls integration allows users to answer Slack polls anonymously.
  • Custom Emojis – Simple Poll allows answers to be in the form of emojis. 
  • Vote Limitations – With the business plan, you can restrict the number of votes that each user can cast.

8. Trello – Visual collaboration tool

add new trello cards to boards without leaving slack


  • Trello Cards – With the Trello Slack integration, users can create new Trello cards directly through Slack channels.
  • Invite Channels – You can invite channels to a Trello board for previews of cards and boards.
  • Join Cards – When joining a Trello card through Slack, you can change due dates, attach conversations, and more through the integration.
  • Invite Members – Invite Slack channel members can join a Trello team or board.

9. Zapier– Information automation

do-it-yourself automation with zapier in slack


  • Automate Channels – The Zapier Slack integration allows you to fully automate Slack channel messages into workflows and tasks.
  • Form Responses – Send and create form responses through a Slack channel.
  • Move Tasks – By saving a message, you can move a task out of Slack and into a different project management tool.
  • App Streamlining – Zapier allows you to streamline all of the applications you use including Slack, Gmail, Hubspot, and more by creating tasks like calendar events, social media mentions through Slack messages.

10. Jira Cloud – Workflow and project tracking

create jira issues directly from slack


  • Preview – With the Jira Cloud Slack Integration, you can preview Jira tickets mentioned in Slack channels.
  • Attach Messages – Users can attach specific Slack messages to Jira tickets.
  • View Tickets – Users are also able to completely view Jira tickets without ever having to leave Slack.
  • Customizable Notifications – Customize the notifications sent to your Slack channel from your Jira Cloud.

Adding Slack Integrations into your Workflow

With over thousands of Slack integrations to choose over, it’s easy to streamline your workflow. By integrating some of the applications you already use into Slack, you can save time by not having to leave your Slack workspace and complete tasks in one place. You can also find new integrations and apps that you haven’t heard of to improve collaboration and communication in all of your Slack channels.

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