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Slack Integration: Why Droplr’s is the Best

Aside from providing seamless communication among team members, Slack integrations are one of the tool’s top selling points for many organizations. Droplr’s customers say our integration is the best Slack integration: it streamlines your workflow by making your and conversations stand out  visually. 

Pros of Droplr’s Slack integration: 

  1. Get inline preview of all your screenshots and annotations in Slack shared among team members. 
  2. Get feedback instantly through annotations directly in the browser for much quicker back and forth collaboration..  
  3. Save and organize screenshots and screen recordings  to your Droplr boards – no need to search Slack for them (even though we know Slack makes searching easy!)

Cons of Droplr’s Slack integration 

  1. Inline previews take up space visually so if you share several at the same time, you’ll need to scroll down more   and this may be totally user preference! 
  2. As with any tool or integration, team adaptation can lag, causing some users to share files via Slack while others may share in a different format. 

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Droplr Slack integration more in depth. 


Speak clearly with screenshots and screen recordings. 

Sometimes it’s easier to show rather than tell. Use Droplr to take screenshots and screen recordings and share them with your colleagues in an instant via Slack. The visual element will help others understand what you’re communicating better than trying to type out several lines of text. 

Get feedback instantly. 

The Droplr Slack integration allows users to annotate screenshots in the browser, directly from Slack. Mark up your screenshots and share them with your teammates for clear, seamless communication. Anyone who sees your Droplr screenshot will be able to leave visual feedback and post a response right back into the conversation. 

Save screenshots and screen recordings to Droplr  

While Slack’s search feature makes it easy to find files and conversations, Droplr’s Slack integration allows you to save files directly to your personal Droplr dashboard or share it on a team board. Everything will be in one place for quick access when needed – no need to scroll or bounce from search result to search result. 


A few more lines to sort through. 

The Droplr Slack integration previews all shared content  To the vast majority of users, this isn’t a big deal, but there may be a few users out there that don’t want to skim past image previews.

Slow adaptation 

As with any new tool or integration, team adaptation could lag, meaning some members may quickly become a pro at using Droplr with Slack while others may stick to previously used methods. This can be frustrating for team members who have to click, download, and then view shared content in other programs like Photoshop.. 

How to integrate Droplr with Slack

Integrating Droplr with Slack is easy! Start by turning on the Droplr integration in your workspace. (If you haven’t already registered for Droplr, you can use your Slack account to create your team in Droplr.) From there? Simply start using Droplr! 

If your team uses Slack, we highly recommend introducing the Droplr integration to your workflow as well. It will streamline your workflow, help you communicate more clearly, and allow you to keep all of your screenshots and screen recordings in one place. 

Want to see the Droplr Slack integration in action? Check out our video: 

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