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How to Use Droplr’s Slack Integration and Make the Most of It

How to Use Droplr's Slack Integration and Make the Most of It

If you haven’t added the Droplr’s Slack integration, you should. Here’s why and how to use Droplr’s Slack screenshot plugin.

How to Use Slack?

Before we get started, make sure to check out what Slack does and why you should use it. Slack allows you to “make work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive”. As a new age collaborative tool, Slack replaces the need for email communication and enables easier communication among teams. Read our Slack App Review and see for yourself why so many people use it.

If you’re working remotely, Slack is a great tool for staying connected with everything your team is working on. Slack project management tools let you share files, comment on any changes, and collaborate asynchronously. Slack includes a number of integrations such as Gmail and Droplr, a screen recording and snipping tool.

Give Instant Feedback on Slack Screenshots Using Droplr

When anyone on your team sends you a Droplr link in Slack, you can edit the screenshot right within the browser and paste it back directly in the Slack message with your edits. This collaborative “Slack group board” of sorts allows you to communicate much faster and more clearly.

Save Directly to Your Account

Do you see something you’d like to save and avoid scrolling through dozens of messages to find what you are looking for in the search field?  From now on you don’t need to open the drops in a new window and download it to be able to save them to your Droplr account. All you have to do now is hit the save button. The new Droplr link will be copied right into your account.

Save Drops Straight to Your Team Boards

What’s more, you can also save the drops to a given board on your team account – right on the Slack chat level.  Simply select which board you’d like to add the drop to. It’ll appear on that board for all the other users to access.

What’s New in Our Slack Integration:

droplr logo uploaded to slack with annotations showing where to edit it on droplr, save to your droplr account, and add to any team board

Check out our Slack integration page to find out how to add the integration to your Droplr account. Please, remember that you’ll need your admin’s help to grant access.

If you’re looking for the go-to tool that can help you organize and keep track of different communication channels, make sure to check out the benefits of using Slack. Droplr’s integration with Slack lets you easily share large videos and send screenshots with others without taking up space on your local desktop. To increase your workflow’s productivity and speed, download the Droplr + Slack integration.

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