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Overview for Skype

Skype is a free video chat and voice chat app now owned by Microsoft. Skype can connect users with other Skype users for free, as well as anyone with a phone number for an additional fee. Skype international calls are also available either through purchasing Skype credits or a monthly subscription based on which country or region you call. Skype’s translator function allows for easy communication between people from different linguistic backgrounds; live captions and subtitles are available for English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Skype also lets users pay a flat fee to receive a local phone number that can be used on the Skype app. Both Skype’s free service and paid phone service include voicemail capabilities that save to Skype’s central servers instead of your computer or phone, so you can be reached even when your devices are off. 

In call, Skype offers split screen and screen share capabilities as well as call recording. Users can open multiple Skype windows at once in split screen view on desktop to continue communicating with others via text while in the middle of a call. Users can also minimize the call window to continue video sharing while viewing other windows on their desktop. This is very useful for customer service representatives who need to troubleshoot a customer’s problem while in-call and business team members who take notes or collaborate during a long-distance meeting. Skype’s screen sharing in turn lets users share what’s on their screen, which can likewise help with troubleshooting client problems or sharing information during a meeting. Skype’s recording app function lets users record calls for future reference, whether for themselves or one of their customers.

Skype includes a text chat function that can be used to contact both individuals and groups. Skype chat includes emoticons, GIFs, stickers, and file sharing. Images can be shared directly into the chat through integrations with apps such as Droplr. Skype can also connect with Spotify to share music and OneDrive to share files in the cloud. Finally, Skype’s chat includes polling and scheduling functions to allow for easy call scheduling and group decision-making. 

The Skype download can be accessed on desktop (including Windows, Mac, and Linux), mobile (for Android and iPhone), tablet (iPad, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire), Alexa, and Xbox. You can also access Skype online through Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

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