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How to Use Droplr with Google Classroom

How to Use Droplr with Google Classroom

Whether you’re a student going to school remotely or you’re a professional working from home, having tools to help us stay productive and efficient is crucial. Remote access to online tools is essentially universal now that everyone has access to computers and secure internet connections right from the comfort of their own home. A popular tool among remote users is Google Classroom.

How to Create a Google Classroom

We’ve created a quick Google Classroom Tutorial that shows you how to create a Google Classroom and how to access Google Classroom codes.

Step 1: Create a Google Classroom

how to create a new class in google classrooom

Step 2: Access your Google Classroom Code

Google Classroom Code for droplr

How to Share a Google Classroom Code

You can share your Google Classroom code by clicking on the display icon next to the class code on your stream tab. The class code is located about the Google Meet link. When you click on the display icon, the class code will pop up larger in a window. From here, you can copy the code in the window and paste it to any other platform in order to share it.

Google Classroom 101 for Students and Educators

Google Classroom prides itself on helping individuals organize their work, promote collaboration, and assist in communication. The popular application allows teachers to have access to all traditional classroom materials but through an online portal. This doesn’t apply just to traditional school teachers. Other Google Classroom examples include classes like workouts, hobby instructions, and other general skills classes can be taught using the program. Users also have the ability to link their personal google accounts and other applications like Google Drive and Google Docs to the software.

Google Classroom also provides specific applications to both educators and students to encourage teaching skills that pertain to coding, digital literacy, STEM, etc. Best of all, the application also has a number of integrations to help you communicate and collaborate during the process of teaching and learning.

How Droplr + Google Classroom Can Help You Communicate and Stay Organized Online

Droplr is the go-to tool for anyone needing to take a quick screenshot or screen recording and share it with their team. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you can use Droplr for demonstrations, Google Classroom 101 tutorials, or additional one-on-one help. Below, we’ve listed different ways you can integrate Droplr with Google Classroom and make the most of your remote work.

Share Large Files

click on a droplr file in a comment in google classroom

Droplr allows users to share large files without hassle. Sending videos through traditional communication pathways like email can take up a lot of storage space and time. Sharing screen recordings and other files through Droplr is both instantaneous and easy. Droplr populates a shareable short link for users to send to others. This short link can then be sent through any chat programs. Individuals receiving the short link can either view the file online or save it to their personal desktop. Droplr also gives users the ability to embed their images onto web pages.

Markup Images

Droplr’s markup tool lets you add additional commentary and shapes like arrows and circles on top of images. This feature is great for creating content for student tutorials or demonstrations. Whether you need to highlight a specific button on an application you’re teaching about or pointing out a specific paragraph in an essay, Droplr allows you to edit and share those images effortlessly.

Organize and Save Files to the Cloud

Droplr’s online dashboard allows you to organize and separate files. In the dashboard, you can create ‘boards’ to help organize files based on specific file types, classes, etc. Users can also set privacy settings on the application and can even set files to self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

Creating a More Personal Teaching Environment

Google Classroom is a great tool for creating a more intimate and personal teaching environment and workplace when students are unable to physically go to a class. Using Google Classroom as a teaching tool is significantly more effective with the help of additional integrations like screen recording with audio. When creating video tutorials, you can encourage communication and interaction between students. 

When demonstrating tutorials or lessons through videos, viewers are more able to grasp ideas intuitively. By having specific and visual instruction, students can grasp ideas quickly and easily. Providing information through a video format also saves both teachers and students a significant amount of time. Rather than having to write out lengthy instructions, you can lay out objectives, expectations, and goals in an easier-to-understand format.

Droplr’s Chrome Extension also features an HD video tool. When recording a video, you have the option to turn on your laptop or computer camera to display your face in the corner. This feature also allows you to create a more personal teaching environment. Rather than communicating with a faceless computer, users get to feel like they are actually learning from someone they personally know.

Google Classroom + Droplr

You can use Droplr with Google Classroom in a number of ways. Use it to make a video on Google Classroom, comment on projects and papers, and to create tutorials. When combining these two applications you can create a teaching environment that is more personal and hands-on.

Learn more about Droplr and how you can use it with your Google Classroom!

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