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4 Must Have Features for Google Chrome Extension Screen Recording

For those who use Google Chrome as their go to web browser it’s always useful to have additional tools and extensions to help streamline your work and create content that is both efficient and productive. Users who prefer browser applications that do not need to be downloaded to an actual desktop find Chrome extensions especially useful. There are a large variety of different Google Chrome extensions available on the market to help you achieve all work tasks. One of those extensions being a screen recording Chrome extension. 

Screen recording software can help you capture movement on your screen to create and share content like how-to tutorials and collaborations. Making sure your Google Chrome screen recorder has all of the right features is important when making the decision about which screencasting tool to use.

Must Have Features to Help You Get the Most out of Your Google Chrome Extension Screen Recorder

Google Chrome screen recorder extensions will vary in how they perform based on which features they include. We’ve outlined which top 4 features we think are most important when using a screen recording extension.

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Ability to capture the entire screen, portions of the screen, or specific application.

A helpful feature in any Google Chrome screen recorder extension is its ability to record more than just the Google Chrome window. Extensions should give the user the ability to choose between recording the entire computer screen, portions of the screen, or specific applications that are open on the desktop.

FaceTime HD Camera

Higher video resolutions can help create a more engaging and accurate screen recording. Chrome extensions that have HD cameras produce videos with clean and sharp high quality images. This tool becomes especially useful when creating a demonstration for colleagues or clients. Having a FaceTime HD camera with your screen recorder extension can also help synch up recorded audio with your recorded video to create competitive and interesting content.

Video Quality Choices

Being able to choose which video quality you want when capturing your screen is a helpful option to have when considering sharing and downloading your recording. Higher quality HD videos tend to have larger files and can be more difficult to quickly share. Having the option to choose between lower and higher quality recordings is an efficient way to customize workflow and space. 

Save Recordings to the Cloud or a Local Computer

Google Chrome screen recorder extensions that give users the ability to save their recordings to the cloud are helpful when streamlining content. With the ability to save all videos to the cloud, you never need to worry about spending long hours searching for videos or even potentially losing them. A dynamic extension will also simultaneously give you the option to save recording to a local computer without also saving them to the cloud.

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Finding the right Google Chrome Extension Screen Recorder

With all of these helpful and must have features in mind, it’s time to look for the Google Chrome extension that’s right for you. Droplr is the highest rated, lowest priced screen recording app and extension on the market. Our Google Chrome Extension has all of the above mentioned features and more.  Droplr helps you get work done faster by capturing and sharing screenshots or screencasts instantly. Try our free trial version of Droplr and join the 1.1 million teams and individuals sharing 2.2 billion screenshots and screen recordings.

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