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How to Screen Record with Audio in 2020 | Updated Sept 2020

While there are many screen recorders on the market, there aren’t as many options to screen record with audio. Screen recorders with internal audio are a useful tool for sharing and communicating information. Having the additional audio component in a screen recorder is helpful for those who want to improve their screen recordings by adding commentary and important auditory information.

Our list features five different platforms that let you screen record with sound to create both visually appealing and informative videos, ready to share with clients, coworkers, and teams. Whether you’re recording on Mac or Windows, there are plenty of options to choose from to help you find the perfect fit. Read on to learn how to screen record on Mac or Windows with audio.

5 Screen Recorders with Audio

Do you need audio to accompany your screen recording? We’ll review the key features of five different recording tools to help you decide which one is the best fit for you.


Video conferencing platform with additional screen recording tools

zoom video conferencing


  • Zoom allows you to record your screen alone as well as with yourself alongside the screen. This feature is helpful when recording demonstrations or tutorials.
  • The software also allows you to record the screen with audio during a group conversation.
  • Cloud recording allows you to download files to a computer and stream them from a browser. This tool is available for paid subscribers.
  • Zoom has a number of add on features, perfect for people who work in a variety of industries. They have specific plans for educators, developers, and telehealth professionals. 
  • The popular tool is also free for screen recording on both Mac and Windows, for those who prefer a more basic account. 


A video sharing and hosting platform



  • YouTube allows you to create a Livestream event where you can simultaneously record your screen and live audio.
  • Because of the site’s hosting aspects, you can control who sees and hears your recorded videos through privacy settings. YouTube also lets users comment on recordings, allowing you to communicate with commenters and respond to questions.
  • Due to YouTube’s online platform, users can record their screens with audio on both Mac and Windows computers.
  • YouTube also lets you download the recorded screencast and save it or share it through other applications like Google Drive. 
  • Best of all, creating a YouTube account is free for anyone. Although, uploading and downloading videos can take a long time depending on your computer’s connectivity.


Screencast and file sharing tool



  • Droplr has four different extensions. These include a Mac download, a Windows download, a Chrome extension, and an Opera browser extension, making Droplr easily accessible for individuals working on different platforms.
  • Droplr is incredibly easy to use because all your screen recordings are automatically saved to the cloud. When you finish your recording, a link is automatically saved to your clipboard. Then, you can paste it anywhere and share it with anyone.
  • With its multiple privacy settings, Droplr lets you control who views your recordings. When sharing your recorded videos with audio, you can choose to share it with the public, private individuals, or specific teams.
  • Droplr can also be used for large enterprises and includes industry-leading security, certification, and compliance, and SSO.
  • Droplr offers all users a free trial for 7 days.

Mac OS Screen Recorder

Internal operating system for Mac screen recorder with audio. Learn how to screen record on Mac with this native app.

screen recorder macbook


  • Mac screen recorder with audio is a practical choice, especially for users who have upgraded to Mojave. By pressing Shift-Command 5, users can record their screen with audio, choosing from recording a selected portion of the screen or the entire screen.
  • After recording your screen, the internal Mac screen video recorder allows you to edit and trim your recordings.
  • Another feature with this Mac screen recorder is its timer feature, which lets you choose between starting a recording immediately, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds after you click the recording button.
  • On a Mac computer, you can also use the application Quicktime to screen record with audio. Quicktime comes pre-installed on all Macs, making it easy for any user to seamlessly record both screen and audio.
  • Recording your screen with sound on MacBook is easy to use and doesn’t require users to install any additional applications.

Windows Screen Recorder

Internal operating system with a screen recording tool. Learn how to screen record on Windows with this native app.

windows screen recorder


  • You can screen record with sound on Windows 10 with its built-in screen recorder. Similar to Mac’s screen recorder, the Windows tool can be accessed using a quick short cut (Windows key + Alt + R). 
  • Screen recordings can be saved to a computer and then shared through other platforms.
  • The Windows 10 screen recorder features the ability to choose maximum clip length, quality settings, and the choice of using audio or not. Letting you personalize and control how your screen recordings look.

How Do I Screen Record with Audio?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on what your screen recording needs are. Because all of the above-mentioned apps include audio recording, it’s best to look at the other features that come with each platform. If you need real-time editing, apps like YouTube or the Macbook screen recorder might be a better fit for you. If your main goal is to immediately share your recording, then an option like Droplr might be better. Screen recorders complete with audio recording features are a great solution to have in any software toolbox.

Learn More About Screen Recording

For more information on how to take a video of your screen, make sure to read our article all about Screen Recording 101. Whether you’re using your native Macbook screen recorder or are in the market for a new tool to share photos and videos, check out our list of 5 different ways to share your screen recordings to help facilitate efficient and productive communication.

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