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Want Unlimited Cloud Storage? Try These 4 Platforms

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If you frequently save documents, pictures, videos, or other files to your desktop or phone, you know how quickly storage space can fill up. Since additional storage devices tend to be quite pricey, the best solution is to purchase online cloud storage. If you’re part of a business team, cloud storage is also useful in that it’s easy to quickly share files between team members. If you have a plethora of files that you need to store, share, and organize, then you should consider unlimited cloud storage.

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With unlimited online storage, you can store as many files as you want online. This way, you can access them from any device. Of course, unlimited cloud storage is often expensive. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 4 platforms that provide unlimited online storage. These platforms support plans for individuals, teams, and large businesses, so no matter who you are or why you need unlimited cloud storage, you can find the service that best fits your needs.

Best Platforms for Unlimited Cloud Storage

1. Droplr – for business teams

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Droplr is a top screenshot and screen recording app that also provides unlimited cloud storage for business. While Droplr automatically stores your screenshots and screen recordings in the cloud, you can also upload any file to the Droplr cloud. From there, you can share your files via short link with anyone, anywhere online. Users who click on your file can either read it in-browser or download it to their device. You can also sort files with boards and tags. This lets you both easily find files and share a large number of files at once with shared team boards.

Droplr’s unlimited cloud storage is for enterprise plans only, which is available for teams of 16+ members. However, you can store up to 100GB of files for only $6/month for individuals or $7/user/month for teams. All plans include integrations with top work productivity apps including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira.

Read more about how to share customer support files using Droplr here.

2. Backblaze – for individuals and businesses

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Backblaze provides a cloud drive with unlimited cloud storage and computer backup services for both individuals and businesses. It automatically backs-up all of your files on your computer. For business, Backblaze can also store server, Veeam, and NAS backups. You can access and download your backed-up files from any computer or mobile device, so Backblaze is perfect for those on the go. The platform can even locate your computer if it is lost or stolen or ship a USB Hard or Flash Drive with your backup on it.

Backblaze starts at $7/month or $70/year.

3. Box – for business teams

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Box is a top app for secure unlimited cloud storage and sharing for teams. Within Box, you can share files and collaborate with team members who can securely access your files from any device, anywhere. Box also integrates with over 1,500 other apps, including Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and Salesforce, so you can easily access, edit, and save files from all of your favorite apps.

Unlimited online storage is available on Box’s Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans, which start at $15/user/month, $25/user/month, and $35/user/month, respectively. Individual plans only provide 100GB of storage for $10/month, so individuals should consider other platforms as Box primarily offers unlimited cloud storage for business.

4. OpenDrive – for individuals, small groups, and businesses

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OpenDrive provides all-in-one unlimited online storage, backup, and content management. You can schedule automatic backups and sync files and folders across computers. You can then share files and folders via hotlinking. Users can even view video and audio files from within the platform with OpenDrive’s audio and video player. Businesses and enterprises can also set up their own OpenDrive accounts for easy cloud backup and file sharing between employees.

OpenDrive’s unlimited personal cloud storage starts at $9.95/month for individuals. You can add up to 4 users to an account wwith an additional fee for each new user. Business plans with unlimited cloud storage start at $29.95/month and add $4.95/month for each additional user. For enterprise pricing, you will need to contact OpenDrive for a custom quote.

The Best Ways to Use Unlimited Cloud Storage

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With unlimited cloud storage, the possibilities are, well, unlimited. You can use unlimited cloud storage to free up space on your devices, securely backup important files, enable access to files from anywhere, and share your files with team members or clients. And with unlimited storage, you never have to worry about storage limits or file size. You can backup as many files as you want, whenever you want.

Which file backup service you use will depend on your needs. Businesses can use Droplr, Backblaze, Box, or OpenDrive to securely store and share files among team members. Box is especially helpful in that it includes integrations with top work apps, but it is also considerably more expensive than the alternatives. Individuals can access unlimited online storage with Backblaze and OpenDrive. OpenDrive is also the cloud storage service of choice for small groups who want to share files across devices.

Regardless of which service you choose, you will be able to store and share files quickly and securely. If you would like to hear more about Droplr and how we can support your business’ unlimited cloud storage and file sharing needs, please contact us for a demo or start your free 3-day trial today.

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