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How to Use Online Scheduling For Your Work Team

Whether you are you a manager looking for a simple way to access and manage your employees’ schedules or an employee who needs help maintaining your work schedule, coordinating with fellow employees, and/or tracking your hours, online scheduling tools developed specifically for businesses could be the answer you’re looking for. With these online scheduling tools, you can easily schedule, coordinate, and track employee work hours and availability. 

Why use online scheduling?

Online scheduling is a great tool for both online and offline businesses to contact employees, coordinate schedules, and confirm hours. Group scheduling software lets managers and employees communicate during all steps of the scheduling process. Managers can assign hours and contact employees about schedule changes, while employees can update their schedules, request time off, log hours, and communicate with one another for shift coverage, all in one app. 

This makes coordinating and communicating much easier–instead of using several different tools such as calendars, email, and phone calls, you can just use one app to form your schedule. No longer will you have to play phone tag to change your schedule or manually input the different availability calendars of dozens of people. Schedule maker apps streamline the scheduling process and leave you with more time to complete your important work assignments.

Online scheduling can even be used for customers. Instead of wasting time and resources on phone calls, customers can use an online booking calendar to pick a time that works best for them. This approach especially appeals to younger customers who prefer using laptops and smartphone apps to phone calls.

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How do scheduling apps work?

Each employee scheduling app works in a different, unique way according to the needs of its customer base. If you want to directly compare different employee apps, then check out our article 5 Best Work Scheduling Apps in 2020. For a more general overview, proceed to the next paragraph.

To begin using a scheduling website, you must first sign up for the service. After signing up, the app will combine and integrate your availability calendars. Then, you will be asked to set your schedule availability for meetings and/or shifts. If you are a manager or group leader, you can then invite other employees to input their schedules. From there, you can easily track and manage shifts by integrating all calendars and sharing your group calendar with everyone.

Scheduling apps typically also double as time tracker apps that let you input your hours as an employee or confirm hours as a manager. Time card apps can ensure that employees don’t punch in before their shift begins and don’t work over-time. Hours tracker apps can also track employee productivity and make sure that work time is used productively.

Most employee scheduling software include a free version with limited tools. For enterprises, a monthly paid plan will be necessary to expand access to your entire team and include features such as personal branding and SMS notifications

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What else can scheduling apps do for me? 

Scheduling apps include additional features that increase worker productivity and streamline management. Many include GPS location, internal communication, and payroll tools. Others ensure that your shift planning complies with local labor laws and that your employees are properly trained for their tasks. Before choosing which employee schedule maker works best for your team, check out which unique features are included in each package. For our recommendations, read 5 Best Work Scheduling Apps in 2020

Scheduling and time tracking software are vital tools for individual consultants, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. If you want to save time preparing schedules, communicating with teammates, and tracking hours, be sure to choose a scheduling app that best suits your work environment. 

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