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How to Track Work Hours Online

It is absolutely necessary to track work hours for freelancers, agencies, and contract workers employees to ensure that they are being paid for their valuable work. Tracking work hours online provides an easy way for both workers and managers to record, manage, and compensate work time. Online hour trackers are especially important for remote and contract workers who cannot report to a physical location. As such, time card apps are an immensely useful tool for both individual workers and their managers to track work hours for pay and workload.

Thankfully, there are several apps on both desktop and mobile that provide hour tracking services, frequently alongside work scheduling. These apps allow freelancers and contractors  to clock in and out from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can pause the clock during breaks and adjust hours after the fact if you forgot to start or pause on time. Some also offer billing and invoicing tools and expense tracking, important functions for freelancers and contract employees who are looking to use their time and resources efficiently for the correct amount of pay. 

For managers, time tracker apps let you track freelance hours, set limits, and calculate pay. Managers can use hours tracking software to limit early clock-in and automatically clock   out their worker at the end of their shifts, thus saving overtime pay costs. Some also include integrations with payroll so that pay can be calculated and distributed directly from the app. For enterprise businesses, it is worth it to pay for a monthly plan that includes the above services to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on several applications and processes. 

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Best Apps for Teams and Agencies

The best work tracking apps for teams let employees clock in and out under parameters set by team leaders. When I Work and Connecteam are among the best employee schedule makers that also provide a good, cheap option for online hour tracking for small and medium-size agencies and companies. When I Work’s hours tracker app costs $2/user/month, while Connecteam includes a time tracker in both its free and paid plans. Shiftboard provides a similar product for large enterprises and includes more complex functions and security measures, such as automatic clock-in and -out and labor law compliance tracking. To access time tracking functions, enterprises must select Shiftboard’s customizable Professional or Enterprise plans. 

For apps that focus specifically on time tracking, we recommend Everhour for teams looking for seamless integration into existing tools and Harvest for those who want to focus on team efficiency. Everhour integrates its time control tools directly into apps such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp so you can manage and assign projects and track time all within the same interface. Everhour also integrates with payroll so employees can be easily compensated for their project hours. Everhour’s team pricing starts at $7/user/month.

Harvest’s time tracker software provides great tools for managers who need to track hours and compensate pay for teams. Harvest tracks both worked hours and capacity for each employee and alerts you when someone is either using time inefficiently or approaching burnout. Harvest also includes integrations with tools like Asana and Trello (though not as seamlessly as Everhour) and can track which projects are taking up the most time. Finally, Harvest generates budget and progress reports so you can identify and fix any problem areas. Harvest’s Pro package for teams costs $12/person/month, with discounts for nonprofits, educational institutions, and those who opt to pay annually. 

How to Track Work Hours Online

Best Apps for Individuals

When I Work and Harvest also provide options for individual workers with many of the same integrations and services for a cheaper price. Everhour’s solo plan costs $8/month with all the same features as the Team plan, while Harvest provides a free service for individuals that can be used for up to two projects. 

Other apps that work best for individuals include Timely and Toggl. Timely’s claim to fame is its Memory Tracker that automatically tracks everything you do online. This tracked data is then made visible on a private timeline that only you can see. Timely adds project tags to time blocks so that you can quickly and easily sort how you spent your time. Afterwards, you can edit any blocks that Timely tracked or edited incorrectly, and the software learns from your edits and becomes more accurate in the future. Timely provides three plans–Moonlight for part-time workers, Freelancer for full-time freelancers, and Professional for professional consultants. Moonlight costs $7/month and can track up to five active projects, Freelancer costs $14/month and adds AI-drafted time sheets and tracking for up to 25 active projects, and Professional costs $23/month and includes project and team planning along with unlimited active projects and in-app support.

Toggl, on the other hand, provides the best free plan for individuals looking to log hours online. Toggl provides several options for hour tracking–you can use their one-click timer, manually input time entries, or integrate with other calendars. Toggl’s free plan also lets you delete entries, bulk edit, export reports, and integrate with other apps such as Asana and Github for an unlimited number of projects. All in all, Toggl’s free plan is the best option for online freelancers who need a simple way to track time for multiple projects.

No matter which time tracker app you choose, you will be pleased with the amount of time and money you save by efficiently tracking work time, projects, and pay. For freelancers, time trackers are a vital way to ensure that you are working efficiently and being properly compensated for your hours, while for managers, time tracking software is an excellent way to manage multiple freelancers and projects and ensure worker productivity. Be sure to consider all of your options so you can choose the online hour tracker that works best for you and your team. 

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