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4 Screenshot Tools with the Best Features

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Integrating a screenshot tool into your day to day workflow can help you not only get creative with how you share information but also speed up your communication with others. Screen capture tools are multifunctional and can help you create content for both personal use and enterprise use.

Based on how and what you’ll use your screenshot tool for, we’ll help you pick the right one. For more information on pricing and screenshot tool comparisons, make sure to check out our price calculator that will not only help you define exactly what those needs are but compare the prices of the applications listed below.

A Comparison of Each Screenshot Tools’ Best Features

Read more about the different add ons, tools, and features of every cloud-based screenshot tool listed below.


Best for individuals, businesses, and enterprises who frequently take screenshots and screen recordings. Everything is saved in the cloud with a link you can share with anyone, anywhere. Droplr is an all-in-one solution with advanced features, integrations, and complete security coverage.

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  • Annotations – Droplr’s screenshot editor allows you to add text to your screenshots and highlight aspects of the image. You are also able to add shapes to your photos like circles, arrows, and lines.
  • Full Page Screenshot – Droplr’s Google Chrome Extension allows you to take a full-page screenshot of your current tab. This means the app will automatically scroll and scan the entire web page to create a screenshot of the entire page.
  • Multi-Platform – Droplr has both a Mac and Windows downloadable application as well as a Google Chrome extension for multi-platform accessibility. You can also download Droplr apps for iOS and Android. For individuals who use different computers and operating systems, Droplr is your go-to tool.
  • Cloud-Based Storage – After creating a screenshot, the application uploads your photo to your Droplr cloud account and creates a short link to help you share your file with anyone, anywhere on email or Slack or via one a dozen integrations like Google Docs, Jira, or Photoshop. You can access all of your screenshots, view drop stats, change privacy settings, and more in your dashboard. The Droplr dashboard can help you organize and manage all of your files in one place. Users are also able to organize their files using boards and tags.
  • Blurring Tool – Droplr includes a screenshot blur tool that lets users blur out sensitive information. This feature is especially helpful when sharing information or content with clients or team members.


Best for businesses and enterprises that need an easy-to-use tool for screenshots and screen recordings. CloudApp’s integrations make it a good choice for teams looking for an app that integrates with the work productivity apps they already use.

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  • Annotations – Users can annotate and add text or shapes to screenshots both through the app or using their online dashboard. CloudApp’s annotation tool can also be accessed directly from your desktop rather than in your browser. You can change privacy and sharing settings using the annotation tool as well. 
  • iOS Application – CloudApp offers its users a downloadable iOS application for iPhones. You can access and upload photos as well as view favorited files. 
  • Sharing Link – Similar to Droplr, screenshots taken with CloudApp are automatically uploaded to the web and quick share links are copied to your clipboard. With CloudApp’s many integrations, it’s easy to share files with other team members.
  • Integrations – CloudApp has a number of different integrations that you can use the software with. If your team is already using a specific project management application to communicate with one another, you can easily connect CloudApp to help share files and screenshots.
  • Call to Action Button – Add a call to action button to any of your screenshots with CloudApp. You can link to other pages on your company’s site or link to other application pages for quick and easy access to information.


Best for business teams and product demonstrations that frequently use visual instructions using screenshots and screen recordings. Snagit provides templates, annotations, and a step tool that is a good solution for how-to guides and tutorials needed to onboard employees or explain products and services to customers.

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  • Panoramic Screenshot – Snagit’s full page screenshot tool allows you to capture wide and horizontal scrolling screenshots. The software also lets you capture vertical scrolling screenshots to capture entire web page photos.
  • Text Grabbing – With Snagit, users can ‘grab’ or extract text from screenshots, images, and files and copy it onto other files and documents.
  • Templates – Create eye-catching infographics using Snagit templates and add them to your screenshots to provide viewers with additional information and demonstrations.
  • Step Tool – An additional screenshot editing tool that Snagit provides is a ‘step’ tool. The Snagit step tool lets users document steps using numbers or letters to show different processes and steps in a workflow.
  • Smart Move – One of Snagit’s many editing features includes ‘smart move’. This tool lets you rearrange items in a screenshot including text, buttons, etc. You can also simultaneously delete these elements in a photo as well.
  • Additional Applications for Storage – Snagit provides users with an additional downloadable application called Screencast that they can subscribe to receive cloud-based storage for their recordings.


Best for people who want to record and edit creative screen recordings for individual use. Screen-O-Matic provides a number of audio editing options, making this application a good fit for those looking to create narrated videos, how-to’s, and tutorials.

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  • Annotations – Add layers to your screenshot when editing with several annotation tools. Users can add text, shapes, and arrows to images.
  • Integrations – Share files and screenshots by integrating Screencast-O-Matic with other applications.
  • Free – Screencast-O-Matic includes a free screenshot tool with editing features. You can also take a free full pge screen capture.
  • Local Install – To access the screenshot tool, users must also have a local application installation of Screencast-O-Matic. The online web-based tool does not come with the ability to take screenshots.
  • Offline Use – Because the application is installed on your hard drive, you can take screenshots while offline. 

Choosing the Best Screenshot Taking App

All of the screenshot tools mentioned above have their own unique features and integrations that can help you personalize your content and workflow. The best screen snapshot software for you will depend on your individual needs. Whether you want to use a screenshot tool with advanced editing tools to create content or your main focus is saving screenshots to the cloud, there’s a fit that’s just right for you.

For more information about everything you need to know about how to use screenshot software, read our article here and learn more about the snipping tools mentioned above and their different integration, sharing, and security features.

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