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So, you have a Discord account. You use it to communicate with friends, fans, and co-workers. You know how to set up channels, use Discord bots, find GIFs, and share your screen. Basically, you already know how to use Discord like a pro. So how do you level up your experience even further?

That’s where Droplr’s integration comes in. Droplr helps you communicate faster with your friends. With Droplr, you can quickly make and share screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings on Discord. Sharing a screenshot from Droplr takes only seconds, so you can reply to a conversation with an informational screen capture or funny GIF right away. 

Share Screenshots and Files on Discord!

How does this work? Well, whenever you take a screen capture with Droplr, it automatically saves to the cloud. Droplr then generates a short link associated with your capture. Simply paste this link into Discord for your screenshot or recording to appear on the channel. Your friends can also click the link to see the full version of your screen capture in-browser.

This method of cloud sharing works with any file you upload to Droplr! Your page on the Droplr cloud stores not only your screenshots and recordings but also any other file you upload. This is a great way to share larger files on Discord. Discord’s file upload limits are notoriously low (8GB on most servers and 50MB on paid Nitro servers). To get around this limit, you can upload a file to Droplr and then share it on Discord by pasting its associated short link into the chat. 

Create GIFs and Memes!

Finally, Droplr lets you create your own memes and GIFs, which you can then share on Discord using the same method. To make a GIF with Droplr, all you have to do is click “screen record as GIF”. Then, capture the portion of your screen that you wish to turn into a GIF. You decide how long you record–there is no limit to your GIF length! Then, paste your GIF’s short link into Discord and it will appear right in your chat.

The process for creating and sharing memes with Droplr is pretty similar. First, take a screenshot of the screen image you wish to turn into a meme. Then, you can edit your screenshot in Droplr with markup tools. You can add text, draw on your image, blur out anything you don’t want, and even paste on emojis! After you finish editing, Droplr will create a short link for your image that you can paste into Discord. You can create and share the perfect meme for any conversation with Droplr + Discord!

This is just a glance at all you can do with Droplr. For more information, check out our website or YouTube channel. We regularly update our Discord knowledge base, so be sure to follow us through email if you want to stay up-to-date on everything you need to know to run an awesome server! 

Remember: with Droplr, you can level up your Discord experience and attract more friends to your server through quick file sharing, unique GIFs and memes, and fast and fun visual communication. Try Discord with Droplr today! 

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