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How to Add Discord Bots

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One of the most unique features of the multi-level communication platform Discord is its bots. Discord bots are AIs that can perform a number of useful automated tasks and bot commands on your server, such as welcoming new members, moderating content, and banning rule breakers. You can use Discord bot commands to add music, memes, games, and other content to your server. Whether you’re an admin looking for help moderating your server or a user looking for new ways to interact with fellow server members, adding Discord bots can bring your experience to the next level.

As such, learning how to add Discord bots and use them is essential to maximizing your experience on the platform. In this article, you will learn about some of the best bots and how to add bots to a Discord server. You will also learn how to make your own bots on Discord.

How to Get Bots on Discord discord bot list with top voted discord bots

When you want to add bots to Discord, first consider what kind you want on your server. Are you looking for a moderation bot, a bot for music, or something else? You can find several websites that include a Discord bot list for suggestions. The top Discord bot list website is Later in this article, we will discuss how to get bots on Discord with sorts bots into lists based on rating, subject, newness, and certification by their platform. If you’re new to bots and want to find the best bots for your server, then I recommend searching through the above lists to find bots that you’re interested in.

mee6 bot icon

Bot Recommendations

Here are some quick recommendations for the best bots for Discord. MEE6 is a top moderation bot. MEE6 bot commands can automatically scan your server’s chat for foul language, bad links, spam, and spoilers and warn users of rule violations. You can also use MEE6 to mute, kick, or ban users after a certain number of infractions. MEE6 can also “level up” users on your channel for participation and reward them with custom roles, and search for and play music.

Read more about how to use MEE6 and other top moderation bots.

If you want to spice your server up with some fun Discord game bots, we recommend IdleRPG or RockPuppy. IdleRPG is a complex roleplaying game bot that lets you create a character, go on adventures, and level up alongside other server members. RockPuppy adds basic games to the server such as ConnectFour, Truth or Dare, Tarot, and an 8ball. Both game bots provide fun ways to get members more involved in your server by facilitating interactions through text-based games.

For more bot recs, check out our article on the 10 best bots for Discord.

How to Add Discord Bots

To add bots to Discord, find it either on an online bot list like or through the creator’s website. After clicking on the bot you want, click the “invite” button to be redirected to Discord’s browser application. There, as shown above, you will be able to decide which server to add the bot to, though do keep in mind that you can only add a bot to a server that you are an admin or moderator of. After authorizing access, the bot will appear on your server and will be usable right away.

using the $status chat command on discord with idlerpg

Every bot has a series of chat commands you can use in-server to get it to perform certain tasks. Some bots will display a tutorial in-server with these commands once added, while others can be looked up online on the bot’s website. To use a Discord bot command, simply type it into the text box on a text channel and press “enter”. The bot will prompt you for any follow-up Discord commands. See the GIF above for a quick example of how to use the “status” command on the IdleRPG bot.

If you want to remove a bot from your server, simply right-click on the bot’s name under the server’s member list and click either “kick” or “ban” depending on if you want to simply remove the bot or ban it permanently from your server.

ban rock puppy from discord server

How to Make Bots on Discord

Learning how to make bots on Discord is more complicated than learning how to add a bot to Discord and requires basic computer programming knowledge. As such, be sure to check to see if another application will perform the functions that you are looking for before you make a new bot.

build-a-bot with icon, username, and click to reveal token

To start off, go to the Discord Developer Portal and create a “New Application”. Then, click on the “Bot” tab on the left side of your application screen. Name your bot, and click on the “Generate” token button to create a “token”, a series of numbers and letters, for your bot. You have to input this token at the end of the your bot’s coding to verify it for Discord.

For the rest of the coding, you can begin by using an application such as Node (for network applications) or Pylon (a new application specifically for building bots). These applications will run your program after you write it using JavaScript. You can also find thousands of examples of code on GitHub if you search “Discord bots”.

For more instructions on how to make bots on Discord, check out WriteBots.

Building the Best Discord Server

Bots are a great way to make your server more organized, fun, and interactive. Every user should learn how to get bots on Discord in order to better their server.

For advice on how to perfect your server, check out our article How to Use Discord Like a Pro. You can also read up on how to screen share on Discord. Then, learn about Discord’s integration with Droplr and how it can help you easily share screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings on the platform.

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