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How to Screen Share on Discord (updated: June, 2020)

Screen Sharing on Discord 101

Discord is known as the best text, voice, and video chat platform for gamers, developers, and influencers. But did you know that you can also screen share on Discord? Screen sharing on Discord is an easy way to share visual information with co-workers, stream let’s-plays, and connect with like-minded fans. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to screen share on Discord.

Screen Sharing on Discord

To screen share on Discord, first enter a voice channel on a server. Once there, you can choose to also share video or your screen. (If you choose video, you can switch to showing you screen from within the video call too by clicking on the screen button). Discord will then prompt you to choose which application or screen you want to “go live”. You will then begin to share your screen with audio. If you do not want to screen share with audio, click on the microphone button in the voice chat to mute yourself. While screen sharing, you can also continue to communicate via text channels.

Typically, up to 10 other people can join your livestream and view what’s on your screen, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Discord has temporarily raised this limit to 50. If you want to go back to showing webcam video while sharing your screen, simply click on the video button.

How to View a Livestream on Discord

If you want to view someone else’s screen share, you can join their livestream if you are a member of the same server. To do this, go to the voice chat that they are in and click on their name. If they are currently screen sharing, you will notice the Go Live icon next to their name. While in the livestream, you can voice chat with the streamer and everybody else in the voice channel.

You can also join somebody else’s livestream while also sharing your own screen. Discord lets users switch between multiple Discord screens on the app. Though you cannot view both your own livestream and somebody else’s simultaneously, you can quickly switch back and forth between the two, thus allowing users to collaborate together on projects from a distance.

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Can You Screen Share on Discord Mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot screen share on Discord mobile at this time. Screen sharing is only possible from the Discord desktop app. You can, however, view a livestream from both Discord’s mobile and browser apps. You can still use voice and video chat on mobile while viewing a livestream.

The Best Ways to Share Your Screen on Discord

Discord screen share is the easiest way to share information on Discord. Nonetheless, there are other ways to quickly share screenshots and screen recordings on the app. Using Droplr’s integration with Discord, you can take screenshots and screen recordings, save them in the cloud, and share them via short link on a Discord channel. Screenshots and GIF recordings both preview in Discord, thus allowing them to be viewed from within the platform. Screen recordings can be accessed by clicking on the link, which is even viewable for those who do not use Discord.

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