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Top 5 Apps for Secure File Sharing

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Sharing files online can be a tricky business. Email providers typically won’t allow large attachments, so the size of files you can share via email is quite limited. While you can use a file sharing website to send large files, there is always the concern that someone else could intercept your files. As such, if you want to safely share your files over the web, you need to find a secure file sharing app to do the trick.

Secure file sharing apps are a necessity for businesses and private freelancers. The safest file sharing apps use a variety of methods to keep your files safe during storage and transfer, such as data encryption, privacy settings, password protection, and more. When you use a secure file sharing app, you can rest assured that your file will get where it needs to go without interference from outside sources.

In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best secure file sharing apps. These apps range in terms of price and features, but all of them include professional-level security features for file storage and sharing. By the end, you should be able to identify the best secure file sharing app for your needs.

Best Secure File Sharing Apps

1. Droplr

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Droplr includes a screenshot and screen recording app and file sharing platform all-in-one. You can upload any file up to 10GB in size to Droplr and share it using a short link. Droplr uses SSL/TLS data transfer to ensure that your files are protected while sharing, making the platform one of the best ways to share encrypted files. Droplr is also fully GDPR compliant and is certified by HIPPA, ISO270001, and EU-US Privacy Shield.

On the user side, you can protect your files with privacy controls. Your files can be set to public, private (password-protected), or team only, which means that only your Droplr team members can access them. For password-protected file sharing, you must share the password you set to your recipient for them to access it. You can also set your files to self-destruct after a given period of time. Finally, enterprise accounts can use the auto-redaction feature to redact private information in uploaded files before sharing.

Droplr pricing begins at $6/month for individuals and $7/user/month teams. Enterprise accounts of 16+ users can contact Droplr for custom pricing.

2. Box

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Box is well-known as one of the most secure file sharing websites. Files are protected by the Box Shield, a highly customizable and complex security system unique to Box. Box Shield can automatically classify content and implement the privacy settings you set for that classification. It can identify files by PII and custom terms within the files to organize them based on your company policies. You can configure access policies for both classifications and individual files within minutes. Finally, Box Shield uses machine learning to identify insider threats, account compromise, and malware attacks, so you will always be notified right away if your files are in danger.

In addition to Box Shield, Box’s secure file sharing features include data loss protection, document watermarking, 2FA, SSO, and AES 256-bit encryption. You can also manage your own encryption keys using Box KeySafe. Box is fully compliant with FINRA, Export Control, GDPR, GxP, and more, so you can be sure that your data is fully secure.

Box includes a free plan with limited features. However, Box does offer free file sharing with passwords and basic security. For more secure sharing, you can purchase a plan starting at $5/month. The most secure plan costs $35/user/mo.

3. Citrix ShareFile

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ShareFile is another highly customizable secure file sharing app. The website uses bank-level data encryption and includes over 25 customizable security settings. You can add security features to files such as a login requirement, link expiry date, password protection, and a limit on the number of accesses per user. When sharing files, they are encrypted with SSL/TLS protocols. While stored in the cloud, they are protected by AES 256-bit encryption. Data is stored using SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers, which ensure that your data is always secure.

ShareFile offers 3 different plans, ranging from $50/mo to $122/mo. All plans come with two-step verification and unlimited storage. The 2 more expensive plans, Premium and Advanced, also include encrypted email and advanced security.

4. DocSend

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DocSend is a secure file sharing app that comes with various unique methods of sharing files securely. After you share a file via a short link, you can still turn off access at any time. You can also control who gets to download your files. If someone forwards your file to someone else, DocSend will notify you so that you can remove their access if need be.

Businesses can also create virtual data rooms on DocSend with custom security settings. In these data rooms, you can share multiple files with one single link. You can restrict access to both the entire room and individual documents by email address or domain. You can even require a signed NDA to access specific files!

Data room folders and advanced security controls are available under the $150/mo advanced account. Document access controls are also available for the $10/user/mo personal account and $45/user/mo standard plan. Standard can also support basic customizable data rooms.

5. Egynyte

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Egnyte’s platform lets businesses manage their cloud-based content from any device. Using Egnyte, your business can store, share, and collaborate on files. At every step of the process, Egnyte ensures that your files are secure by automatically detecting threats. The platform can identify sensitive content, ransomware, and anomalies. It can also analyze the behavior of team members to monitor who is uploading, sharing, and editing files. You can set automatic safeguards to regulate the flow of information outside of the business. Best of all, you can set advanced encryption to keep files secure no matter who downloads them.

Egynyte comes with preconfigured compliance templates for over 50 jurisdictions throughout the world. The platform can ensure that your data is fully compliant with over 500 classification patterns such as SOX, GxP, HIPAA, and GDPR. No matter where you are or what business you’re in, Egynyte can ensure that you are following compliance guidelines.

Egnyte pricing begins at $20/user/mo. Enterprises with over 100 users can contact the company for custom pricing that includes unusual behavior detection, AI-based content classification, security issue alerts, and more.

More File Sharing Options

Do you still need secure file sharing but don’t have the budget to afford the above platforms? Then check out our article on the top free file sharing websites.

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