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Comparing the Top Free File Sharing Sites

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Do you need to quickly share a file online? You can try to send it over email, but, unfortunately, most email services have very strict file upload limits. For example, Gmail has a maximum attachment size of only 25MB. So, if you need to send a large file or multiple files, you will need to find a free file sharing site that lets you transfer files online.

While many file sharing services exist, not all include free file sharing. While paying for a file sharing service isn’t a bad idea for some businesses, individuals and small businesses may not have the means to pay for a monthly service. Fortunately, there are still top file sharing sites that include secure, free file sharing. In this article, we will discuss 5 of these top free file sharing sites. Read on to compare these sites and determine which is best for you!

5 Best Free File Sharing Sites

1. MediaFire

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MediaFire’s free file sharing site is perfect for sharing files with large groups of people. You can store and share up to 10GB of files free of charge. Once you upload a file, it can be shared with a link, by email, or through social media. Your files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times for no extra charge. There is also free unlimited bandwidth. If you only want to share your file with one other person, you can use a one-time link that can’t be shared with anyone else.

2. Google Drive

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Whenever Gmail isn’t enough, you can share your files via Google Drive. Google Drive’s free 15GB of storage comes free with a Google account, so why wouldn’t you use it? You can upload any file or folder to the Drive for easy sharing. Once it’s uploaded, you can share it via a link or by adding your recipient’s email address to the file. You can also collaborate online on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

3. Box

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Box is a world-class file sharing site for individuals and business teams alike. With a free Box account, you can store up to 10GB of files with a 250MB single upload limit. You can share files via a short link. You can also create shared folders to upload and collaborate on files with other users. Box’s free file sharing account comes with built-in integrations with Office 365 and G Suite so you can integrate Box directly into your workflow.

4. Transfernow

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Transfernow is the easiest way to quickly send large files free. You don’t even need an account to drag and drop files of up to 5GB in size into the platform. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can send it over email or generate a link. You can also send folders as long as they are under 5GB in size. You can add password protection to your files, choose whether to be notified when the file is opened, and disable or enable file preview. Files are available for 7 days after transfer.

5. SurgeSend

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SurgeSend’s free file sharing plan provides both cloud storage and sharing. You can store up to 5GB of files, with a 3GB limit per file. Once your files are uploaded, you can share them via email or with a link. You can share a file with up to 3 people. You can also password protect your files. All file links expire after 7 days.

Check Out More File Sharing Sites

Do the above file sharing sites not fulfill your needs? Then you can check out our article on the best file sharing websites to compare more top file sharing apps.

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