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10 Best File Sharing Websites of 2022

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We all need to share files online at times, whether for work, school, or a personal project. While email can be used to send a small file or two, it cannot be used to transfer large files or send many files at once. Additionally, if you need to collaborate on files, sending them back and forth over email is quite time-consuming. As such, if you need to share files quickly and securely, you should use file sharing websites.

In this article, we will go over the best file sharing websites of 2022. Though these websites vary in price and features, all of them prioritize fast, secure file sharing. You can use them to send large files, protect your files, and collaborate on documents with others. They are perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

So, stop wasting time sending email after email, and get started with a top file share website.

10 Best File Sharing Websites

1. pCloud

pcloud files on desktop and mobile

pCloud’s file storage and sharing website is perfect for files, photos, and videos. Once you back up your files, you can keep and recover old versions for up to a year. You can also access your files from any device. pCloud also offers secure sharing and collaboration, including comments and edits, so you can work together with co-workers and others. Businesses can create shared folders as well.

pCloud’s free account comes with 10GB of cloud storage. For more storage, you can purchase a lifetime plan for $175 for 500GB or $350 for 2TB. Business plans offer 1TB of storage per user for a price of $7.99/user/mo. Business plans also include custom branding.

2. MediaFire

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MediaFire is a simple file share website popular for disseminating files to large groups of people. You can store up to 10GB of files for free. Files can be shared through a link, email, or social network. They can be downloaded an unlimited number of times, so you can share your files with many people. Bandwidth is likewise unlimited. You can also share your files via a one-time link so that only your file’s recipient can access and download it. Individuals can sort their files into folders or create shared folders for easy collaboration.

MediaFire also offers paid plans for individuals and businesses. MediaFire Pro includes 1TB of file storage and a max upload limit of 20GB for only $3.75/mo. Businesses with up to 100 users can pay $40/mo for 100TB of storage and fully customizable branding.

3. Droplr

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Droplr’s multi-use app offers a screenshot tool, screen recorder, link shortener, and secure file sharing. For file sharing, Droplr allows you to store any file up to 10GB in the secure Droplr cloud. You can upload files from the Droplr dashboard or drag & drop them directly into the Droplr desktop and mobile apps. You can also annotate image files and screenshots with text, arrows, emojis, and more. If you want to share your file, you can do so easily by pasting a shareable link into any platform. Droplr also doubles as a folder sharing site as you can share an entire folder of files with one shareable link.

Droplr pricing begins at $6/mo for individuals and $7/user/mo teams. Both individual and team plans include 100GB of file storage and 500GB/month of bandwidth. Enterprises with over 15 users can contact Droplr for custom pricing for unlimited file storage and bandwidth.

4. Google Drive

google drive on desktop and mobile

Google Drive’s file sharing site is included for free in any Google account. The platform can be used to upload files and folders for easy storage and sharing. You can also collaborate on shared documents, sheets, and presentations. To share files, you can add another user by email address or share it via a clickable link.

Google Drive comes with 15GB of free cloud storage. Businesses can choose 4 Google Workplace plans that also include Gmail and Google Meet video conferencing. Business editions offer anywhere from 30GB of storage per user to 5TB. If you need even more storage, you can contact Google’s sales team.

5. Citrix ShareFile

sharefile document with feedback

ShareFile is an online sharing site specifically built for businesses to be able to share large files securely. It uses bank-level data encryption and 25+ customizable security settings so that your files are as secure as possible. You can sync and store an unlimited number of files on any plan. You can also add an unlimited number of client users for easy file sharing with clients. However, all plans limit the number of employee users to 5.

ShareFile offers 3 different plans: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Standard costs $50/mo and offers basic features and custom branding. Advanced costs $77/mo and adds in an encrypted email, Outlook and Gmail plugins, and Office 365 co-editing. Premium costs $122/mo and adds custom workflows and electronic signatures.

6. marketing department files advertises itself as the world’s most powerful workplace and document sharing and collaboration platform. You can import files from various document creation and cloud storage platforms or create new documents within the document sharing website. includes document templates and themes, automated tables, code blocks, table of contents, wikis, and visual embeds so you can customize your documents. You can organize your files into folders and create a content library. Your files can also be edited within the platform, including by others who you collaborate with. To share your files, you can send them through live sharing or embed them into your website.’s free plan is available for teams of up to 5 members and comes with 1GB of storage for up to 50 documents and a 5MB file limit. The Pro Plan costs $8/user/mo and offers unlimited members and documents, unlimited version history, 500GB of storage, and a 200MB file limit. The Business plan, priced at $15/user/mo, adds unlimited storage, trackable documents, and free guest access. Enterprises that need more advanced controls can contact sales for custom pricing.

7. Dropbox

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Dropbox’s premier file storage and sharing website is great for both individuals and businesses. You can backup files from any device and store them securely on the cloud. Files and folders can be shared with anyone via a shareable link. Once shared, files can be annotated and to-do lists can be added. Dropbox also includes templates for brainstorming, project planning, timelines, meeting minutes, and social media calendars. Finally, Dropbox’s mobile app can scan documents and convert them into PDFs.

Dropbox offers 2 plans for individuals, one for families, and 3 for businesses. The free plan includes 2GB of storage on up to 3 devices. The Plus plan for individuals costs $9.99/mo offers 2TB of storage, unlimited devices, and automatic sync. Families can purchase a shared plan for up to 6 users for $16.99/family/mo and includes 2TB of total storage and a family room folder for sharing.

For employees and businesses, you can purchase a Professional, Standard, or Advanced plan. Professional accounts are for one user and offer 3TB of encrypted storage and file locking for $16.58/mo. Standard accounts for teams cost $12.50/user/mo and offer 5TB of storage for 3+ users. Advanced accounts cost $20/user/mo and include unlimited storage, advanced admin controls, and SSO.

8. OneDrive

my files on onedrive mobile and desktop

Microsoft OneDrive provides cloud storage and sharing for individuals, families, and businesses. OneDrive lets you sync files and access, edit, and share them from any device. Microsoft Office documents can be saved directly to OneDrive for easy sharing or collaboration. If you have OneDrive on your mobile device, then you can even scan documents into your cloud storage!

OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage as well as a free “personal vault” with advanced security features that can hold up to 3 files. Individuals can also purchase 100GB of OneDrive storage for only $1.99/mo. If you also want access to the entire Microsoft 360 suite, you can purchase a personal Microsoft 365 account for $69.99/yr, including 1TB of cloud storage, or a family plan for $99.99/yr that includes 6TB of cloud storage.

Businesses can either purchase OneDrive separately or get it as part of Microsoft 365’s business suite. For OneDrive only plans, you can spend $5/user/mo for basic sharing and storage or $10/user/mo to add advanced security and compliance. If you want other apps like Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and SharePoint in addition to OneDrive, you can buy a Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan for $5/user/mo. For more apps including Outlook, Word, Excel, Yammer, and PowerPoint, you can purchase a Business Standard plan for $12.50/user/mo.

9. DocSend

docsend content folder

DocSend’s file sharing website specializes in secure document sharing with real-time insights. Files can be up to 2GB in size. After you upload files, you can share them with a link. However, you can turn off access at any time and control file downloads to further secure your documents. DocSend also tracks links whenever they’re forwarded so you always know who has access to your files. Businesses can also create virtual data rooms with custom security settings where you can meet with important stakeholders and share files. Best of all, DocSend includes complete eSignature functionality so you can sign contracts and other documents online.

DocSend’s individual account costs $10/user/mo and includes basic features alongside 10GB of storage/user. The standard account for businesses costs $45/user/mo and adds eSignature, data rooms, advanced document management, and 50GB of storage/user. You can also purchase an advanced account for $150/mo for 3 users, and an additional $60/mo for each additional user. This plan adds data room folders and advanced security. Enterprises that need custom reporting and onboarding can contact sales for a custom price. 

10. Box

box connecting people to documents

Box is a top app for both file sharing and cloud storage. It includes professional-level security (called the Box Shield), expert collaboration for businesses, and the ability to sign documents online. You can upload any files to the Box cloud, share them with others, and collaborate in real-time with annotated files, task lists, and more. To further integrate Box into your workflow, you can connect it with over 1,500 integrations, including Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365. You can also use developer tools and APIs on Box to customize Box and its integration to further meet your needs.

Box offers plans for both individuals and businesses. The free plan includes 10GB of file storage and a 250MB file upload limit. Individuals can also subscribe to a $10/mo Personal Pro plan for 100GB of storage and a 5GB upload limit. Small teams of 3-10 users can sign up for a Starter team account for $5/user/mo. This account also includes built-in integrations with Office 365 and G Suite as well as 100GB of storage.

For businesses, you can choose between 4 plans: Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Suites. All of these plans include unlimited storage and file upload limits of 5GB, 15GB, and 32GB respectively. These plans also include more integrations, better security, and custom branding.

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