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6 Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions

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Having a great screen recorder in your toolbox can be a lifesaver. You can use screen recording software for a variety of different tasks and projects. A screen recorder extension can come in handy when sharing progress reports and updates with development teams, communicating with SaaS product teams, and customer service interactions. Although there are hundreds of screen recorder extensions available on the market, there aren’t as many Chrome screen recorders. Screen recorder Chrome extensions are especially useful because you can use them on any device that includes internet access such as your PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, and more!

If you want to use a Chrome screen recorder, you’ll need to install a screen recorder extension for Google Chrome. In this article, we’ll list six screen recorder Chrome extensions along with some of their top features.

Top Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions

1. Droplr

droplr screen recorder extension: screen record with optional webcam as a gif or hd video


  • HD Facetime Camera/Webcam Recording – Droplr’s screen recorder Chrome extension allows users to record their faces while recording their screens for an additional personalized touch. Having a dual screen and webcam recorder can be helpful for giving additional instruction and for humanizing your content and communication.
  • Link Sharing – Droplr screen recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud and into your Droplr dashboard. Droplr also generates a short link that links to your recordings that you can share anywhere.
  • Video Editing –  Droplr’s trimming feature also allows you to create new start and endpoints for your video. This tool is perfect for cutting out long pauses at the beginning and end of a video.
  • Dashboard – With Droplr, users have access to a dashboard that stores all of their screen recordings through the cloud. Through your dashboard, you can organize and sort all of your recordings, perfect for decluttering your desktop. You can access your dashboard on Google Chrome or another web browswer.

2. Screen Recorder

screen recorder window with capture and audio options


  • Free – This screen recorder Chrome extension is free to use for all users.
  • Unlimited Recording – With this Chrome screen recorder, you have access to unlimited screen recording times.
  • Audio Recording – With Screen Recorder, you also have the option to record audio using your computer’s built-in microphone or audio source.
  • Easy to Use – Screen Recorder’s simple and easy to use interface makes it a great no-hassle choice for those looking for an app that is straight-forward and doesn’t have too many customizable features.

3. Screencastify

capture and keep attention with screencastify screen recorder


  • Free – Like Screen Recorder, Screencastify is a free screen recorder Chrome extension. However, users can record videos only up to five minutes in length.
  • Export Options – Screencastify also gives you the ability to choose different file types to export your video capture to. You have the option of saving your videos as MP3’s, MP4’s, and GIFs.
  • Google Drive Integration – The Screencastify Google Drive integration allows all of your recorded videos to be saved directly to your Google Drive. These videos can also be shared to Google Classroom, perfect for quick and easy instructional recordings.
  • Editing – Similar to Droplr, Screencastify lets you trim your videos. You can also merge and crop your videos, as well as add captions or text to your recordings.

4. Fluvid

person sitting at a desk using a computer next to a plant, with the computer window displayed above with the fluvid dashboard


  • File Protection – With Fluvid, users can control the privacy settings of their recordings by creating custom passwords for video access.
  • Video Analytics – Fluvid’s screen recorder Chrome extension provides some basic video analytics for your screen recordings. With these analytics, you can see who watched your videos and when they were watched.
  • Live Streaming – Fluvid is also a stream recorder for Google Chrome. With the app, you can live stream your recordings, perfect for anyone creating engaging shared content.
  • Customizable Thumbnail – When creating your screen recording with Fluvid on Google Chrome, you have the ability to customize your video’s thumbnail.

5. Nimbus Screen Recorder

nimbus screen capture web page and capture options


  • Video Conversion – With the Nimbus screen recorder Chrome extension, you can convert GIFs and WebM videos into MP4 files.
  • Customizable Video Settings – With a premium subscription, users can customize video screen resolution and frame rates.
  • Easy Uploads – Finished screen recordings can also be directly uploaded to streaming sites like YouTube or to platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive.

6. Covideo

message to sarah with a video from covideo


  • Video Email – Embed your screen recordings directly in an email. In addition to a screen recorder Chrome extension, Covideo includes add-ons for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook so you can record videos directly on the email platform.
  • Webcam Recording – You can record your webcam, screen, or both simultaneously. This is perfect for creating how-to videos and marketing content.
  • Add Captions – You can add captions to your video from the Covideo dashboard. Choose either Covideo’s automatic captions or write in your own. You can also edit captions.
  • Video Landing Page – After you record your video, you can host it on a landing page of your choosing. You can also attach calls-to-action (CTAs) at the bottom of your video.

Picking the Right Chrome Screen Recorder

All of the Chrome screen recorders listed above have a variety of features perfect for anyone at any skill level. If you’re looking for a Chrome screen recorder plugin with the best storage and sharing capabilities, Droplr is the best pick for you. Covideo is the best screen recorder extension for video email. If you’re looking for video capture software with more advanced features, we recommend the Nimbus screen recorder. Finally, if you need something more simple, easy to use, and free, we recommend Screen Recorder, Screencastify, or Fluvid. 

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