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5 Best Screen Recorders for Video Editing

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Whether you’re a pro graphic designer or are completely new to content creation, video editing is an essential feature in creating interactive and content-worthy videos. Video editing can range from something as simple as snipping or trimming a recording to something more advanced like layering and mixing. As such, both beginners and pros can benefit from using a screen recorder with editing software in a number of ways.

When creating a screen recording, it’s important to have at least one video editing tool to help spruce up your video creations and add customization. With a screen recorder, you can add text to your videos to include extra information for the viewer or simply trim the ending of a video that you didn’t like. 

Video Editing with a Screen Recorder

Below we’ve outlined five screen recorders with different editing tools and features for users of every skill level. 

1. OBS Studio

obs studio video recorder


  • Advanced Editing – OBS Studio has a number of different advanced editing options. These include customized transitions, adding text and images to your recording, and more.
  • Audio Editing – OBS’ video editor also has audio mixing tools that let you customize and play around with filters, audio settings, and more.
  • Free – OBS Studio is a completely free software for anyone to use.
  • Webcam – Users can also add webcam videos to their OBS video editor screen recording to create personal and customized videos.


OBS’ video editor is free for all users.

2. Droplr

droplr screen recorder


  • Video Trimming – Droplr’s easy to use trimming feature allows you to create new start and endpoints for your video. This lets you edit the beginning and end of your screen recording.
  • Link Sharing – After you finish recoding and editing, your screen recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud and into your Droplr dashboard. Droplr generates a short link that links to your video that you can share anywhere anytime.
  • Webcam Recording – Droplr lets you record your webcam while creating a screen recording.
  • Mouse Clicks – Users can add another element to their screen recording by highlighting mouse clicks. Turning on this feature shows users and highlights every click you make on your screen. This is a helpful tool for customer support videos, tutorials, and how-to’s. 


Starting at $7 per month for individual and team accounts.

3. Movavi

movavi screen recorder


  • Video Editing – Similar to Droplr, Movavi also allows you to trim your screen captures. 
  • Effects Store – Users have the option of purchasing stickers, titles, transitions, and background from the Effects Store. These editing features also come in packs and sets.
  • Video Editor 360 – You can download Movavi 360 Video Editor to edit panoramic shots.
  • Keystrokes – Users can add a recording of their keystrokes which show the viewers all keyboard movement.


Starting at $40 per software license.

4. Wondershare Filmora Scrn

wondershare screen recorder


  • Video Editing – Fillmora Scrn comes with a full video editing suite that lets you add annotations, images, and more to your screen recordings.
  • FPS – For users that want to record live gameplay, Filmora Scrn records up to 60 fps on Mac computers.
  • Video Formatting – This screen recording tool also allows you to export your videos in multiple formats including MP4, MOV, and more.
  • Drawing Tool – Filmora’s Scrn drawing tool makes it easy to create tutorials and how-tos.


Starting at $20 per license.

5. Ezvid

ezvid video recorder


  • Video Editing – Ezvid’s platform allows you to trim and clip your screen recording and compile multiple screen recording clips into one video.
  • Windows Platform – Currently, EZvid’s software is only available on Windows computers.
  • Speech Synthesis – Ezvid can automatically create computer text or annotations for you by synthesizing your voice.
  • Screen Drawing – Ezvid has a screen drawing tool that lets you draw shapes and writing on your screen while creating a recording.


Ezvid is free for all users. 

Customize Screen Recording with Editing Tools

All of the screen recorders listed above have a variety of tools perfect for anyone at any skill level. For those who are beginners or prefer simple editing tools, Droplr, Movavi, and Ezvid are the best choices for you. For those who prefer more advanced editing options and tools, OBS Studio and Wondershare Filmora Scrn are better options.

Even if you’re just adding a quick trim to your video, editing your screen recordings can go a long way in increasing the quality of your content. Small edits and attention to detail like this can grab a viewer’s attention more easily and translate into increased views, engagement, and interactions with your content.

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