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How to Share Large Files Over the Internet

Sharing large files online is easier than ever before. Depending on your needs, file sharing can be done in a number of different ways. There are a variety of big file sharing apps, as well as public file sharing sites, on the market today that can help you share a file online quickly. Whether you need to send a quick link to a large file like a photo or video, or create a shared folder with multiple documents for large teams to view, you can learn how to send large files over the internet with the right file sharing platform.

What is File Sharing?

Online file sharing platforms have grown increasingly popular in the last decade due to its efficiency and accessibility. Companies can share files online with ease, but choosing which platform to use is the hardest part of the process. A great file sharing platform helps you send files without adding time and stress to your schedule.

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File transferring platforms can vary from free online file sharing sites to larger cloud-based Dropbox folders. Using these tools can help you instantly communicate with team members, provide feedback, oversee project management, and increase productivity. Make sure to check out our article on Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Sharing to learn more about how to share files online.

What is the Main Benefit of Cloud-Based File Sharing?

There are a couple of different benefits that come with using online file sharing tools. Individuals in just about every industry can utilize these tools to transfer files. These industries include marketing, customer support, and more. These advantages vary from cost reduction, security, increased storage capacity, and accessibility. Learn more about how customer support personnel use Droplr for instant file sharing here.

What is the Best App to Send Large Files?

Finding the right file sharing platform can be a tedious task. We’ll go through a list of our top 5 picks for big file sharing apps.

Google Drive

Store your files and access them anywhere

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  • One of the most favorable Google Drive features is that you can use it to share large files for free. Google Drive provides users with 15 GB of storage space for free file sharing (of course anything more than that, users need to pay).
  • Google Drive is accessible on all devices and platforms. Users can access the Google Drive app on both Mac, Chrome, and Windows computers, mobile apps, and tablet apps.
  • Google Drive consists of a number of apps within the overarching application. Applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides all help users share different types of files among their teams. Using these apps is also helpful if your team is planning on editing and adding notes within the documents and files.
  • When sending large files on Google Drive, users can access a variety of privacy settings. Users can choose which team members they share their files with and create larger folders to share with larger collaborative teams. Files can also have password protection if needed.


An organized email alternative to streamline communication in workgroups

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  • While Slack is mainly known for its ‘instant messaging’ abilities, the application can also be used to share a file online. Sharing files on Slack is helpful when needing to send materials quickly and easily to a large number of people for instant accessibility.
  • Slack allows you to organize groups of people into ‘channels’ and ‘threads’, allowing you to keep track of which people you’re sharing which documents with. This is important when sending files and information in large companies with a number of different teams.
  • Slack also has a searchable history tool. This tool can be especially helpful when needing to find files that were either sent from a substantial amount of time ago or in very long conversations. Files are easy to find and locate in Slack.
  • Slack has an easy ‘drag and drop’ tool for sharing files, making it easy for all users. It can also be integrated with a number of other applications. Slack has an easy to use integration with Droplr – a screenshot and screen recording app. Allowing users to easily share photos and videos for demonstrations and tutorials.


Screencast and cloud sharing tool

droplr copy url to share


  • One of Droplr’s useful features is its ability to transfer big files like photos and videos very quickly. You can send a large file by copying and pasting a shareable link to other team members to instantly view these files online.
  • Droplr allows users to change the privacy settings of their files. Droplr’s privacy settings include public, private, and teams. The app also has the option of making a file self destruct after a certain amount of time. 
  • Because Droplr is also a screenshot and screen recording tool, users have the ability to edit and add comments to these files and on the actual photos when sharing them online. Droplr is the best app to share large video files after creating them.
  • Droplr has a number of integrations. This is helpful when using different apps in a company. Integrating all of your tools into one space can help save time and create a more productive routine.


A workspace for backing up and storing all of your files

dropbox: store and access files from anywhere, bring all your content together, and work smarter from your desktop


  • Using Dropbox to share large files can help you send a number of different file types to co-workers and also back up your files at the same time. Simply use Dropbox links to share your files! When using Dropbox, you’ll never need to worry about losing any of your shared files with its automatic backup tools.
  • Dropbox, similar to the apps above, allows for integrations. Some popular integrations with Dropbox include Slack, Zoom, and HelloSign. These integrations can help teams integrate and create more accessible online workspaces.
  • Dropbox Business also allows for better team management. Organizing and managing admin controls can help users direct and oversee collaborations.
  • You can send big files through Dropbox for free. Although the free account includes limited storage space and control, paid accounts come with larger storage space and different plans better suited for business accounts.

Microsoft Teams

Communication and collaboration platform

microsoft teams on desktop, tablet, and phone


  • Microsoft Teams’ platform has an efficient chat tool that can help speed up communication and manage team tasks. These chats can be made either public or private.
  • Microsoft Teams has multiple integrations, one of those being Skype, which can help you video chat with co-workers. Microsoft Teams also has a Droplr Integration – allowing for easy collaboration with a screenshot and screen recording sharing tool.
  • When using this app, users can also access all of the tools within Office 365 Suite and upload files from them. All of these materials and projects can then be securely shared through Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams also has a specific ‘bookmarking’ features. This tool allows you to save and mark specific important documents that you might want to save or come back to. This tool can help you manage and prioritize when you share a file online, especially in long conversations.

File Sharing Websites and Collaboration

Knowing how to share large documents and files can help integrate your online workspace in a number of different ways. Having the ability to transfer large files over the internet without compromising storage space on local computers and emails is one of them. Making all conversations and files accessible on multiple devices and platforms is another one. Overall, switching over to internet document sharing is a smart move for those looking to increase productivity and efficiency in their work environment. 

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