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5 Best Discord Bots for Businesses

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As more businesses go remote, platforms that allow for long-distance communication between co-workers or employees and clients are more in-demand. Discord is one such platform that, due to its lack of cost and robust channel organization, has become more popular among businesses and a suitable alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams. However, as Discord was not originally made for business communication, the platform does lack some important enterprise features. To make up for this, users can add Discord bots to their server that unlock new functions in Discord for businesses.

Let’s go over the 5 best Discord bots for businesses that use the platform to communicate with co-workers and/or customers. These include a server stats bot, role bot, scheduling bot, and more!

5 Best Discord Bots for Your Business

1. Statbot – server stats Discord bot

statbot graph showing the number of members over time in a Discord server

Statbot is an excellent server stats bot. This server stats bot provides the easiest way for keeping track of your Discord server. It can track stats such as how many members you have on your server, how many are online, the number of messages, time spent in voice channels, and more! This information is stored in your Statbot dashboard. You can also create statdocks that display in your Discord server that list the date, time, number of active users, and other information. You can configure new statdocks to display additional information on your server to all members.

list of statbot statdocks on a Discord server

Statbot’s server stats Discord bot is useful for keeping track of work productivity and communication. You can see which channels are the most active and which don’t seem to be communicating enough. You can also check who is logged in during their work hours. With Statbot premium, you can see Discord server stats specific for each channel and member, letting you further monitor how users are spending their time. You also get more counter types for Statdocks and can track data for longer periods of time. 

2. Zira – role bot

example of Zira's reaction role bot on a Discord server

Zira is the best-known role bot for Discord. With Zira, you can have members of your server self-assign roles based on which reaction image they click. This is a great way to assign roles when you have a large server with many possible roles and role-specific channels. For example, if you have a channel just for your marketing team, you can have every member of that team assign themselves the “marketing” role by selecting the corresponding reaction role. You can also use Zira as a color role bot to assign different colors to users’ names on Discord.

However, Zira is not just a reaction role bot; it can also send welcome and goodbye messages when people join or leave your server, and includes an integration with Trello. The Trello integration lets users add “suggestion” cards to Zira and then upload those suggestions to Trello. Co-workers on Discord can thus collaborate on team projects and organize them without ever leaving the server with this role bot.

3. Apollo – scheduling bot

A event on a Discord server including the description, time, and RSVP buttons

Apollo is a scheduling bot that lets you schedule meetings within Discord. Create an event, then have members select the checkbox, x button, or question mark to let you know whether they can attend. You can delete the event post when it’s over or set it to delete automatically at a given time. Apollo can also send direct messages to attendees to remind them of the event. Finally, it can create recurring events, like weekly meetings, so that you don’t have to create a new event every time.

Apollo is clearly very useful for scheduling work meetings with co-workers or demos with potential customers. All of Apollo’s core features are free, though with Apollo Premium, you can use customizable signup reactions, auto-assigned roles, and repeating events. Premium costs $5/month for one server.

4. – ticketing bot panel including a graph showing the number of tickets created each day is a top-tier ticketing Discord bot. It is perfect for customer service agents that use Discord to connect to customers and troubleshoot their problems. Users can tag tickets to assign them to specific channels or server roles. Tickets are also logged by the time submitted and ticket number. Team members can respond to tickets and close them when resolved. You can also use Helper’s online dashboard to monitor tickets and keep track of how many are logged or resolved every day. also offers a premium plan with additional features for only $4/month. This plan unlocks a Discord bot with more ticket customization and language translation so you can communicate with customers in multiple languages. You can also purchase a supreme plan for $6/month for custom bot options.

5. PollBot Advanced – Discord poll bot

A poll on Discord created by pollbot that asks "Is Droplr the best all-in-one screen recorder and screenshot tool?"

PollBot is very straightforward — with it, you can create Discord polls. This Discord poll bot lets you create yes/no polls, polls with custom answers, and timed polls. In a business, these polls can be used to schedule the best time for events, get employee feedback, or decide future projects. They can also be used to get feedback from clients. Best of all, you can make unlimited polls free of charge.

How Do I Get Discord Bots?

You can find Discord bots for businesses, such as a server stats bot or reaction role bot, either on their website or a Discord bot list like To add a Discord bot to your server, you must invite it and authorize its functions. See the above video for a step-by-step guide for how to add bots to Discord. 

More of the Best Discord Bots

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