Droplr knows
how to collaborate

Droplr is a great standalone tool. We want to enhance your experience even more. That’s why we decided to integrate with some powerful, communication and project management tools.

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Enhance your Droplr account
with free 3rd party integrations

  • Gmail


    Paste or drag-and-drop content into your Gmail messages. Droplr Gmail Integration lets you send videos or other large files without the hassle of zipping them first.

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  • Google docs

    Google Docs

    Add content to your Google docs in an even more click-efficient way. Just drag-and-drop the files directly from you Droplr application. It couldn’t be more time-efficient!

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  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams

    Be clear and concise in your online meetings. Make sure your point comes across the way you want by supporting it with visuals. All it takes is one click!

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  • Intercom


    Make the most out of this customer messaging platform. Improve the customer support response time by communicating clearly and efficiently.

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  • Trello


    Enhance this project management app with visual asset and other useful links. Make the most of Trello boards.

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  • Slack


    Bring your Slack communication onto the next level. Be ultra efficient as you exchange information with your team. Simplify giving and getting feedback.

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  • Sketch


    Share your Sketch Artboards with non-Sketch users. Droplr + Sketch integration enables you to quickly bring your clients up to date and test your website ideas against their expectations.

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  • Photoshop


    Make your design team more agile and iterate faster. With Droplr you can send mockups or layer comps in a flash. Receive feedback on the run and crank your projects up.

  • Confluence

    Atlassian Confluence

    Make the effects of your work shout! Add visuals to the reports you create in Confluence. Droplr makes enhancing your reports ultra simple and time-efficient.

  • iMessage

    Apple Messages

    Make your instant messaging even speedier. Do you need to clarify something using a visual? Droplr makes sending visuals so much quicker.

  • Hipchat

    Atlassian HipChat

    Enterprise communication has to be top notch. Keep your team on the same page by adding visuals to your communication. Exchange feedback in a clear way and without breaking the workflow.

  • Discord


    Make even better use of this robust chat app by adding visual elements like gifs and short videos. It takes literally just one click to entertain your team.

  • Skype


    Make your online meetings as productive as you’ve always wanted them to be. Support your point with visuals, or provide any other necessary info on the fly. Let everyone see your point!

  • Jira

    Atlassian Jira

    Clarity is key when it comes to remote collaboration. Add visuals to the issues you create. Cut down on iterations by making sure your team understands what the task is all about.

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