Atlassian Jira + Droplr Integration

Get more precise on your Jira tickets for greater agility!

Snap, drag, and drop!

Add clarity to your Jira issues and speed their resolution

  • Ensure full context for faster resolution

    Help your team understand a problem in no time. Enhance your Jira descriptions with visuals. Snap a screencast showing the issue in question and add it as an attachment to your Jira issue. With Droplr all it takes is drag and drop to make your Jira tickets as clear as day.

  • Ensure value driven task prioritization

    The lack of clarity hinders grasping a problem and makes it impossible to prioritize the issues the right way. Attaching visuals to the issues will help your see what the problem is so that you can gauge its importance for the project.

  • Improve team collaboration

    Miscommunication affects collaboration and provokes conflict. By attaching visuals to the issues, you make sure your team is on the same page even if the description is incomplete. Do this to be sure your team understands the issues and to mitigate tensions in your team.

How to get started?

  • 1

    Log into your Jira instance as an admin user.

  • 2

    Choose Add-ons on the admin drop-down menu.

  • 3

    Select Droplr Screenshots for Jira & click Install.

See how the integration works:

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