Droplr for Microsoft Teams

Droplr is here to make sharing content in Microsoft Teams magical.

Pictures are louder than words

Use them to get your point across, get feedback on your ideas, and make all of your communication clearer.

  • Shared Tabs

    With Droplr, you can build shared boards right into Microsoft Teams. Forget FTP and shared folders. With Droplr boards and Teams you can collect and share assets at the speed of light.

  • In browser editing

    When you share an image with Droplr, your team can give feedback right in the browser. It's the simplest way to get your point across. No software installation required.

  • Compose extension for chat

    Everything you share with Droplr is just a click away when you install our compose extension for Microsoft Teams.

How does it work?

Get Droplr PRO for just $2.99 monthly (billed annually) and make content sharing simple.

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