Pictures are louder than words

Use them and make communicating with customers simple, personal and fun

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Empower your support team to respond more promptly

Boost your customer satisfaction with clear and swift responses. By sending a visual rather than writing, you significantly speed up handling your customers’ requests and are able to help them in a clear way. With Droplr, all it takes is a single mouse click to capture a screen and drag-and-drop to embed it in your message.

Enrich your email campaigns with visual elements

You want the emails you send to your customers as engaging and informative as possible. Add new dimension to your emails and leave your customers in awe: Use Droplr to create graphical elements in a time-efficient way. Snap images and add informative, or fun, markups to make your emails more attention grabbing. Or, record screens and embed them easily in seconds, regardless of their size.

Cut down on the multiplicity of tools

Instead of using separate tools for screen capturing and editing the images, use one that allows you to: snap, crop, and mark the image up. Spare yourself the trouble of looking for it in the dark recesses of your computer. Droplr gives you total control over the visual message you’re sending and cuts down on the number of click necessary to complete the task.

See how the integration works: