Snap, drag, and drop!

Use Droplr and handle your email box even faster.

Send as many files as you want

Gmail is a sweet tool. But Droplr makes it even sweeter. Skip the hassle of zipping the files you need to attach to your Gmail messages. Thanks to the integration, you can send literally any number of files, regardless of their size.

Upload the files easily

Even if attaching the documents is a no-brainer, it takes a few clicks and a few more seconds of your precious time. Why don’t you skip this step? Simply drag and drop the files from Droplr app directly into your message. Make emailing even simpler and faster than it is now.

Make your emails speak

Dragging and dropping files into your messages automatically generates preview of their content. This only makes your messages more pleasant on the eye, but also adds clarity to their content. Let marked-up screenshots speak for themselves and be clear in no time!

See how the integration works: