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How to Record Audio on Android

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There are many situations in which you may want to record audio on Android. You might need to take a voice memo to remind yourself of an important task, record a talk or class lecture, or play with the notes of a song you’re composing. Whatever your reason, you can record audio on Android devices using a built-in app or third-party recorder.

The specifics of how to record audio on Android vary from device to device, but in this article we will go over the basic steps for how to record audio on Android. If you need more specific information, you can go to your device’s homepage or read its instructional manual.

We will also go over the top 5 recording apps for Android. You can download any of these apps from the Google Play store. They can include additional recording features such as background recording, transcriptions, and cloud sharing. Regardless of your use case, one of these audio recording apps will work for you and your price tag.

How to Record Audio on Android without Download

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To record audio on Android, first look for the pre-installed voice recording app. This app will be called something like “Recorder” or “Voice Recorder”. You should be able to find the app under your list of apps.

Once you find the app, open it. The app should include a list of your previous recordings as well as a red recording icon in the bottom center of the screen. You can start a new recording by clicking on this icon. To stop a recording, click on it again. Your recording app may also include the ability to pause a recording or delete it from this screen.

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To edit or share your recording, go back to the list of recordings and select the one you want. Your app’s editing and sharing features will depend on your device model, but most apps include the ability to rename the recording, trim from the beginning and end, and share it over other apps. Some apps, like Google Pixel’s Recorder, also include auto-transcription and audio search. You can check out the specific features of your app on its listing in the Google Play store.

Top Recording Apps for Android

If you need additional audio recording features, you can download a third-party app for Android. Here are the five best recording apps for Android, featuring both free and paid apps.

1. Smart Recorder

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Smart Recorder is one of the best free voice recorders for Android. It includes wave/PCM encoding, background recording, a live audio spectrum analyzer, and launcher shortcut. Recently, Smart Recorder added a skip silence mode where you can shorten recordings by automatically skipping periods of silence. Recordings can be of any length and are only limited by the space you have on your device.

2. Otter

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Otter is packed full of features that make it the perfect choice for recording meetings and classes. The app can record and transcribe audio and divide recordings into editable notes. You can highlight key points in your audio, insert photos, and scroll through the transcription while recording. Otter can also break up transcriptions into paragraphs, identify separate speakers, and generate word clouds and summary keywords. You can order your recordings into folders and play them back at adjustable speeds.

Otter also includes a variety of sharing options. You can create group recordings and invite others to highlight and edit the transcription. You can also sync your recordings with Zoom, call recording apps, and your calendar so that events include a link to your recordings. Recordings can also be uploaded to Otter’s cloud service, thus saving space on your device. Best of all, you can quickly share notes with anyone, anywhere through a shareable link. Otter is available for free for up to 600 minutes of recording per month. For more recording and advanced features, you can purchase a plan starting at $8.33/month.

3. Easy Voice Recorder

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Easy Voice Recorder adds new functions in addition to the base features needed for an Android recording app. You can record in PCM, MP4, or AMR formats. You can quickly start a new recording without opening the app by adding a shortcut or widget to your home screen. Easy Voice Recorder can also record in the background. You can even record from your smartwatch! After you finish recording, you can share your file through email or another app. You can also set recordings as your new ringtone.

In addition, you can access more features by paying $3.99 for the Pro app. These features include additional formats, trimming, folders, skip silence, and volume boost. You can also automatically upload your recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox and record using a Bluetooth microphone.

4. Voice Recorder – Record Unlimited Audio

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Raytechnoto’s Voice Recorder app lets you record unlimited audio for free! The app supports MP3, M4A, and 3GP file formats. You can record in the background or when the display is off. When you finish a recording, you can edit it by cutting out the parts you don’t want to keep. Then, you can share your files over email or store them on your phone. Overall, Voice Recorder is simple but free and easy-to-use.

5. Voice Recorder & Voice Memos

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This free voice recording app includes unique features that can bring your recordings to the next level. You can record in AAC, M4A, AMR, and MP3 format. Recordings are unlimited in length. Voice Recorder & Voice Memos supports multiple sound attributes (mono, stereo) and multiple sound sources. So, you can record your voice or the audio coming from your device! You can also record in the background or when your Android’s display is off.

Additionally, Voice Recorder includes numerous editing features that let you cut out any part of the audio. You can also add markers and categories to your recording for easy organization and sorting. You can even set your recording as your new ringtone, a perfect feature for musicians and vocalists.

Video Recording on Android

If you want to record video as well as audio on your Android device, check out our article on How to Record Video on Android.

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