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Droplr: The Best Platform for Secure Cloud Storage and Sharing

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Storing and sharing your files is easy with Droplr, the #1 platform for secure cloud storage and sharing. With Droplr, you can upload any file to the cloud and share it via short link to anyone, anywhere. Recipients can then view your file directly in the cloud; no download necessary! Droplr’s secure online storage makes it easy to securely share important files with co-workers, clients, and everyone else. 

An Overview of Secure Cloud Sharing with Droplr

Watch this video for an overview of Droplr’s cloud storage and sharing features. For more details on how to upload, share, and organize files and information on Droplr’s security features, keep reading this article. Learn why Droplr is the best cloud storage and sharing platform on the web!

Upload Any File

You can upload any file to cloud storage on Droplr. Simply click “upload file” in the Droplr dashboard or on your Droplr app for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or Chrome. You can also drag and drop files directly into the Droplr cloud. Once you have uploaded a file to drop file storage, you can view it any time in your dashboard.

How many files you can upload depends on which Droplr plan you subscribe to. Pro Plus plans for individuals and Team plans include 100GB of file storage, a 10GB max file upload size, and 500GB/month of bandwidth. Enterprise plans likewise have a max file upload size of 10GB, but include unlimited file storage and bandwidth. 

Secure Cloud Sharing As Easy As 1,2,3

Sharing files with Droplr is as simple as pasting a link! Whenever you upload a file to Droplr, it generates a short link associated with the file. You can then share the file by copying and pasting the associated link.

Screenshots and image files will preview on social media or messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. All files can be accessed by simply clicking the link. The viewer will then have the option to view the file in the Droplr cloud or download it to their device. They don’t even need a Droplr account to access the file! However, if you are a Droplr user, you can view any files previously shared with you in the “shared items” folder on the dashboard. 

Organize Your Files How You Like

Droplr includes cloud storage with tags and boards. Boards act as folders where you can group your files. However, you can add one file to multiple boards. You can change the privacy settings of each of your boards to public or password protected. To share a board, you can invite someone directly to it via email, or you can copy and paste the board’s associated short link. This makes boards great for quickly sharing multiple documents with you team. Remember, if you’ve set your board too password protected, you will need to share its password as well.

Tags don’t include the same privacy and sharing settings as boards, and as such, are primarily used to organize content. You can click on a tag in the Droplr dashboard in order to view all files under that tag. Droplr automatically tags uploads as a file, link, image, or video, though you can create your own tag labels as well. 

Keep Your Files Safe with High-End Security

droplr security features

Droplr includes all of the top security features that you need to keep your files safe. You can set your files’ privacy to public, private (password-protected), or team only. You can also set your uploaded files to self-destruct after a set amount of time: one hour, one day, one month, three months, six months, or a custom amount of time. Droplr’s secure cloud file sharing protects all shared files with SSL/TLS data encryption.

Droplr is fully compliant with top privacy standards, including GDPR, SOC 2, EU-US Privacy Shield, EU-Model Clauses, HIPPA, and ISO270001. We guarantee that your files are protected and secure on our platform. 

Get the Best Cloud Storage and Sharing with Droplr

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sign up for the best secure cloud storage and sharing platform. Get started with Droplr today with our 3-day free trial. Pick the plan you want and start storing and sharing files in the cloud for free

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