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7 Best YouTube Screen Recorder Applications

YouTube is both a convenient and efficient platform to use for all your business needs, including sharing screen recorder files. With a YouTube screen recorder, it’s easy to use sharing features and privacy settings and create videos to share with coworkers and teams is more accessible than ever before. The video-sharing platform lets you manage the privacy settings of all uploaded videos and allows for the distribution of content and ideas through both its comments section and social media sharing buttons.

When creating YouTube content for your business, having a screen recorder in hand is always useful. To record YouTube videos, it’s helpful to have a YouTube screen recorder that captures your screen and highlights all clicks and movements. Using a YouTube screen recorder lets you design easy to understand videos to increase productivity.

Picking the Best YouTube Screen Recorder

Having an easy-to-use screen recorder with audio is a must when creating content for YouTube. These screen recorders can use your computer’s own webcam to record yourself so you don’t need a separate video camera for YouTube. We’ve listed our top 7 YouTube screen recorders with webcam that we think can help you get the job done in the easiest and most efficient way.


Video conferencing platform with additional YouTube screen recorder features

search messages including the word "design" on zoom account


  • When using Zoom to screencast, the recorder allows you to record audio, perfect for creating YouTube videos with sound.
  • Individuals mainly use this YouTube screen recorder for conference and group chatting platform, therefore making it easy to record multiple audios at once. This tool is useful when live streaming with multiple individuals and live streaming on YouTube.
  • For those looking for a free screen recorder for their YouTube videos, Zoom offers users a free basic account.


  • Video quality is hard to control when using this popular recorder. When recording using the Facetime camera and the screen recorder, users do not have the option of choosing video quality.
  • Zoom does not have built-in editing software. If an individual wanted to add some visual annotations or notes, they would have to use a second software to edit the screen recording.
  • Although users are able to save recorded videos to Zoom’s cloud, this feature is only available for paid accounts that differ in price depending on how much storage one needs.


Internal operating system with built-in screen recording tools for Mac

mac screen recorder toolbar


  • Mac’s screen recorder comes pre-installed on all Mac operating systems, making it easily accessible and simple to use for YouTube screen recorder videos.
  • There are a couple of editing features in the recording software, including the ability to trim and edit recorded videos.
  • Users are also able to set timers when beginning the screen recording. This feature is useful when creating and setting up presentations and demonstrations that use different windows and applications on a computer.


  • Screen recordings save as .MOV files. Not being able to change the file type may be a challenge for individuals who want to further edit their videos using different applications. 
  • Recorded files only save locally to a computer. You can only save them to the cloud if you have another tool to do so.

Windows Xbox Game Bar

Internal operating system with built-in screen recording tools to screen record on Windows for YouTube

windows desktop game capturing window


  • Similar to using the Mac built-in recording software, using the Windows screen recording tool is easily accessible and comes with its own hotkeys, making it easy to start screen recording for YouTube at any point in a presentation.
  • The Windows screen recorder also lets users customize their videos by choosing maximum clip length and quality settings.
  • Just like the above-mentioned applications, the Windows recording tool also records audio and lets the user choose whether or not they want it recorded.


  • When screen recording with a Windows operating system, you can only save files to one location on the computer, which can be tricky to find. 
  • Recorded videos do not automatically save to any cloud storage device and third-party software is needed to share the files with others.
  • You cannot screen record on your desktop or file explorer; you can only screen record in apps or on web pages.


Screencast and file sharing tool perfect for YouTube


  • Screen recordings made using Droplr are all saved to the cloud and can be accessed on multiple devices. After you finish your recording, a link is automatically saved to your clipboard. You can paste it anywhere and share it with anyone.
  • You can download Droplr recordings for upload onto YouTube.
  • The YouTube recorder also has multiple download apps. You can access Droplr on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. They also have a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension screen recording app allows users to manage all aspects of their recording, including video quality, HD Facetime camera, and more.
  • Large enterprises can also use Droplr, which includes industry-leading security, certification, and compliance, and SSO.


  • Droplr requires a subscription and is a paid service. All new users are offered a free trial when trying out the software for the first time.
  • Droplr isn’t the best fit for those who want to be able to do heavy edits on their videos. It is better suited for people who want to screen record and then share those videos quickly. 


Video recording and cloud sharing app

loom homepage with webcam overlay


  • Screen recordings are saved to the cloud on your own Loom video gallery. You can share videos with others by sending them the short link generated by Loom that will direct them to the video. You can also use Loom as a YouTube screen recorder by downloading Loom videos and uploading them onto YouTube
  • Loom can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or installed as a Chrome extension. The Loom Chrome Extension can expand Loom links into embedded videos, so Loom videos can be viewed directly on many platforms such as Gmail, Dropbox, Intercom, and Jira.
  • Loom includes video editing features such as trimming, calls-to-action, custom thumbnails, and a drawing tool.


  • Several features, such as custom recording dimensions, unlimited videos, and the drawing tool are only available on paid plans, which start at $8/month.
  • Loom’s new Salesforce integration is only available on an enterprise plan. Pricing for enterprise plans is not available on the website and you must contact sales to get a custom quote.


Video recording and editing software with upload to YouTube

screencast-o-matic record window over an x&c studios graph and picture of a young woman


  • Screencast-O-Matic has an integration with YouTube, letting you upload videos to YouTube directly from your Screencast-O-Matic account. As such Screencast-O-Matic is among the best YouTube screen recorder apps.
  • Video editing tools include drawing, green screen filters, zoom, trimming, and captions.
  • Screencast-O-Matic is available for download on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.


  • Though you can record your screen for free, video editing and system audio require a paid plan, starting at $4/month.
  • Ad-free playback pages are only available for Premier plans, which cost $5.75/month.


Video email and messaging platform

covideo dashboard with 3 webcam videos in the foreground


  • Add Covideo’s Chrome extension to your Chrome browser to record yourself, your screen, or both. You can share a video where you put your face in it as well as your YouTube channel.
  • You can share videos with others by sending them a hyperlinked gif of your video generated by Covideo. Once clicked on, the recipient will be directed to a video landing page with clickable CTA buttons.
  • You can download a video created on Covideo and add it to YouTube, or upload videos from YouTube to Covideo to send out.
  • All 7-day free trial users have access to screen recording integrations and features.
  • All users have access to Covideo support via phone, chat, or email.


How to Upload Video to YouTube

how to upload a video to youtube

Once you know how to record YouTube videos, you can upload them in a matter of minutes. Follow these steps to upload video to YouTube:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the “create video” button in the upper-right corner. Then, select “upload video”.
  3. Either drag and drop your screen recording onto the upload button or click on “select files”.
  4. Once your video is finish uploading, you can edit details such as the title, description on YouTube, and thumbnail. You can also add your video to any playlists and add subtitles, an end screen, or cards.
  5. Press the “Publish” button once you’re ready to publish your video!

How to Choose the Right YouTube Screen Recorder

YouTube screen recorders are a great productivity tool to have in any business toolbox. Figuring out which YouTube video creator is the best fit for you depends on the needs of your team. Features like editing tools, cloud sharing services, and accessibility are all important add-ons to consider when creating screen recordings for your YouTube channel. Audio recording apps are another added plus to have when selecting your go-to Youtube screen recorder. As a social media platform, YouTube is an effective channel for sharing content and distributing information. 

video webpage on a computer sitting on a desk next to a cup of coffee and a succulent

While you’re searching for the best screen recorder for YouTube videos, make sure you check out our other articles about screen recording 101 and different ways to share those screen recordings.

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