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Droplr is designed to help you communicate over a distance in a quick and effective way.

It not only lets you capture and share instantly what is on your screen, it makes a great, standalone remote collaboration tool.

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Make the most of Droplr

File Sharing

File Sharing

Droplr stores files in a cloud and generates a link for you to send them on. Paste the link into the communicator you use and easily transfer even bigger files.

  • Drag & drop to share any file.

  • Support for large files.

  • Hotkey-activated sharing.

  • In-browser previews for Images, Video,
    Audio, Documents, Notes, Links, & more.



Previews make your messages speak from the moment you open them. They speed conversations up, make you documents clear, and help you manage the files you store.

  • Everything you share gets a shortlink.

  • Preview anything you share in the browser.

  • Supports videos.

  • Supports previewing documents,
    including Microsoft Office formats.



Droplr is unsurpassed when it comes to screenshots. Use the hotkeys, select the screen to capture and have it ready to send in no time!

  • Drag to select any part of your screen.

  • Hotkey-activated.

  • Support for High-DPI screens.



Make use of the variety of markup options and make your point clearly. Highlight, add notes, or convey your mood with emoticons.

  • Highlight information.

  • Underline or add frames.

  • Write comments and use emoji.

  • Select color.

  • Blur sensitive information.

Screen Recordings

Screen Recordings

Use a convenient screen recorder to explain more complicated things. Select a part of the screen, record and send it on in a link when you’re done. It’s quick and easy!

  • Select any part of your screen to record.

  • Hotkey controlled.

  • Pause and mute audio during recording.

  • Share as a High-DPI video with audio or an animated GIF.



Easily manage your files in Droplr Dashboard. Tag, or create category boards to stay organized. Share the boards with other and collaborate like a pro!

  • Organize everything you share with meta-tags.

  • Easily filter and browse your sharing history.

  • Quickly build new collections with our auto-tagging feature.

  • Share collections with your team members.



Keep your thoughts organized. Have an eureka moment? Use hotkeys to open a notepad. Jot your idea down and get back to it when you have time.

  • Add a title for better organization.

  • Take markdown notes.

  • Write code snippets with syntax-highlighting.

  • Popular markdown themes.

  • Update the notes you’ve taken.

  • Keep all your ideas in one place.

3rd-Party Integrations

Droplr is great standalone. It’s even better when make use of our. We’ve made friends with some pretty cool players. Check them out:

  • Gmail, Google Docs

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, Apple Messages,

  • Hipchat, Skype, Discord

  • Trello, Jira, Confluence

  • Intercom

  • Photoshop, Illustrator

Get Droplr PRO for just $2.99 monthly (billed annually) and make content sharing simple.

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